YouTube Music could gain Gemini extension soon

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Google has invested a fortune in its generative AI platform – Gemini, which made its debut just late last year. Ever since, Google has been incorporating Gemini left and right including Google Chrome’s address bar. Cut to now, the YouTube Music app is getting Gemini as a part of Extensions as well hoping it would improve your user experience.

Caught in action by Android Authority, the YouTube Music extension for Gemini was brought to life in the Google app v15.17.28.29.arm64. Although the feature is still under wraps, once it does arrive the extension will be able to allow users to search for new music, find something of a goldmine, and enjoy the latest songs from favorite artists as and when it drops.

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In essence, Google wants to integrate Gemini as an extension of YouTube Music to improve the user’s playback experience. For that, Gemini will seek access to the user’s playback history, playlists, and preferences. The screenshots captured of the feature in the works reveal all the extensions by Gemini will be able to share the information to make your user experience bliss.

You can access the YouTube Music extension via Gemini’s settings page under ‘Extensions’. The feature works by accessing your shared data although you can chat with the AI to find it when searching for a song or looking for something worthwhile. You can listen to your favorite music or a discovered song after conversations with the AI. 

Note that this Gemini extension is different from ‘Music Provider’ since the AI gives you more options related to the music you are listening to and the artists among others.

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As aforementioned, the feature is under wrap and not available on Gemini at the time of writing this. However, we are expecting the search engine giant to roll out this feature soon just as it rolled out extensions for other apps in the Google apps family.

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