Sony Xperia Z5 Dual is second to the premium variant, but both have more than their fair share of similarities and incidentaly, the smaller of the duo was the one that impressed us the most. We have been playing with the Xperia Z5 Dual for a couple of days now and are ready to answer all your questions to help you make up your mind.


Question – How is the display on Xperia Z5 dual?

Answer – The Sony Xperia Z5 brandishes a Full HD 1080p panel, in an age where QHD is a common phenomenon. Sony can’t discard more pixels as superfluous since they also launched world’s first 4K display phone alongside, but we can.

The display matches in quality to that on Xperia Z5 Premium when placed side by side. Of course it isn’t easy to tell the difference with naked eyes and thus the Xperia Z5 display works great for all practical purposes.

Question – How is the outdoor visibility on Xperia Z5 ?

Answer – Even at 50 percent brightness the display was very legible under direct sunlight.

Question – How is the design and build?

Answer- The Sony Xperia Z5 dual flaunts the new Omnibalance design language, which is simple, subtle and elegant. Sony has paid meticulous attention to design as is evident from details like a different rubbery feel on the Sony logo, different from the rest of the frosted glass.

The frosted glass on the rear and frosted aluminum on the sides is something we like. It feels great and looks great, but is still a bit slippery (especially if you have sweaty palms). The handset is compact, sturdy and easily manageable.

Question – What kind of SIM card does it accept? How is the quality of SIM Card tray in Xperia Z5?

Answer – The Sony Xperia Z5 accepts two nano SIM cards. The SIM card tray is made of cheap flimsy plastic and the phone restarts every time we remove or insert it.

Question – What color works best on Xperia Z5 Dual?

Answer – Now that is more a matter of personal taste, but in our opinion, the Green Xperia Z5 variant felt best.

Question – How much internal storage space is free? Can Apps be moved to SD card on Xperia Z5?

Answer – out of 32GB around 22GB is available on first boot. You can move apps to SD card.

Question – Is USB OTG supported?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported.


Question – How is the Xperia Z5 Dual performance?

Answer – We played games like Asphalt 8, NFS Nolimits, Zombie Highway and a few more, and didn’t encounter any performance issue. The handset however heated up significantly even with modest gaming.

Benchmark scores

Antutu 38246
Quadrant 15401
Nenamark 2  60.7 fps
Vellamo Metal, Multicore 1245, 2145

Questions – Are there any heating issues in Xperia Z5 Dual?

Answer – The handset runs cool in day to day activities, but tends to get uncomfortably hot rather easily while gaming or using camera over extended period of time. So yes, the device has some unresolved heating issues.

Question – How much RAM is free on first boot?

Answer- Out of 3GB, around 1.7GB RAM is free on first boot. Multitasking was efficient.

Question- How is the Sony Xperia Z5 camera?

Answer – The Sony Xperia Z5 Comes with a 23MP rear camera with large sensor size, wide aperture G Lens, single LED flash and 4K video recording support. The camera app is rich in options but covers a quarter of the screen while shooting.

Camera quality has been good so far booth indoors and outdoors. We are struggling to make some modes work as intended. We will give our final verdict soon in our camera review. Meanwhile, here are some camera samples.

Question – How many sensors does Xperia Z5 have?

Answer – You can find the complete list below.

s1 s2

Question – How is the call quality?

Answer – Call quality is very good in our area.

Question – How is the Battery backup on Sony Xperia Z5?

Answer – The handset is comfortably reaching one day mark with moderate usage. After gaming, battery depleted rather steeply. We will update this segment after spending some more time with the device.

Question – Is the battery removable on Xperia Z5?

Answer – No, battery is not user replaceable.

Question – How is the software?

Answer – The software is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based Xperia UI. Notifications and settings menu is close to stock material design, but Sony has customized all aspects for a custom experience. Those who have used Xperia devices before will feel completely at home.

Question – How loud is the loudspeaker on Sony Xperia Z5 Dual?

Answer – Loudspeaker loudness is very good. Music quality is also very good.

Question – What comes inside the box of Xperia Z5?

Answer – Inside the box, there is a fast charger, USB cable and documentation. Headphones were not included in our review unit box.


Sony Xperia Z5 Dual is impressive on several counts, but still has a few limitations which could be limiting factors depending on the way you intend to use your device. There is a lot to cherish if you are an Xperia loyalist or fan.



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