Sony WS623 Walkman

Sony India has expanded its Walkman A series with a new WS623 Walkman Bluetooth Wireless headset In India. The new Walkman will go on sale from June 15. The wireless Walkman features a simple in-ear design which has been a highlight of Sony earphones.

The WS623 Walkman is designed to meet a usual sports enthusiast’s requirements. As per the company, it is engineered to withstand adverse condition.

This new wearable Walkman comes with IP65/68 rating which makes its safe for use even in sea-water. It continues to work to the depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. It features a thin film to protect water from damaging internal hardware.

The standard earbuds are covered with additional layer of waterproof earbuds and also a thin film to prevent water from seeping inside and damaging the internal hardware. Sony says, “Together with a temperature feature, the Walkman can endure extreme temperatures from -5 degree C to 45 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for a hike or climb.”

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Instead of Noise Cancellation Sony has added an Ambient Sound Mode which, filters in outside noise from relevant audio.

The WS623 Walkman uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to pair with portable gadgets. It supports popular playback format such as MP3, WMA, Linear PCM, AAC and FLAC. It comes with 4GB of internal storage which can be used to store songs on the devices. The WS623 Walkman can deliver up to 12 hours of playback on a charge of 1.5 hours.

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According to the company claims, the Walkman also features the QuickCharge technology where three minutes charge gives up to 60 minutes of playback time.”The Walkman is also efficient during time shortage situations, with a three-minute power up giving a full 60 minutes of listening time.”

The WS623 Walkman will be available for Rs. 8,990 in all Sony Center and leading electronic stores across India.


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