Snapchat Pepsi Swag Filter

Snapchat has partnered with Pepsi to introduce a new range of AR filters. The new filters are centered around the Swag motto which is exemplified by the youth. The filter is named after  ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag Hai’, a tagline for the Pepsi summer campaign.

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First, ensure you are on the latest Snapchat build and you could get a 360 access to the new interactive lens. Next up, you just have to answer a few questions, each of which contributes to their ‘swag’ score and unlock the ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag Hai’ filter. You get to sport a swag cap, sunglasses and jacket augment as you answer the swag scenarios correctly.

Snapchat Pepsi Swag FilterSnapchat Pepsi Swag Filter

“Snapchat is a highly engaged platform and users spend 30 mins every day on the app creating and engaging with content. We are very excited for this launch with a high energy brand like Pepsi, setting the tone for the year”, says Akshay Mathur, CRO Tyroo and Business Head Snapchat-Tyroo partnership

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Tarun Bhagat, Director – Marketing, Hydration and Cola, PepsiCo India said, “Pepsi is a brand which has always resonated with the voice of today’s generation. As part of the ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ campaign, the brand is activating those platforms which our consumers have the strongest affinity to. Snapchat allows our consumers to interact with the brand in the truest sense – it gives them a visual representation of ‘swag’ depending on the choices they make.”

Snapchat Pepsi Swag Filter Snapchat Pepsi Swag Filter

These filters are, however, limited for a week as a part of this campaign. That considered, it would be still a neoteric approach to advertise and engage with the users.


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