Samsung India today launched its 2016 TV lineup which includes a total of 44 models spanning across a wide price range of Rs 28,000 to Rs 24 lakh (MRP). The 2016 Samsung TV portfolio includes premium SUHD TVs, mid-range Smart TVs and affordable Joy Beat TVs. Samsung is quite optimistic about its new TVs and hopes to sell 1.5 million of them this calendar year.

The SUHD TVs are the most premium of the lot and incorporate all of the “11 innovations” that Samsung introduced in the new line-up. These SUHD TVs flaunt Quantum Dot display panels. In simpler words, they have an improved backlight that is capable of generating purer ‘Whites’ and which in turn helps in rendering vivid, more accurate colors.


The SUHD TVs are HDR TVs with maximum brightness going as high as 1000 Nits (hence, the term HDR 1000). Also, these are curved display TVs and that does make a difference. You will get better depth, much lesser glare and more immersive experience irrespective of the angle you watch your TV from. Samsung demonstrated the difference by playing same resolution (4K) footage on both – a curved TV and Flat TV – and the difference was clearly discernible to our eyes.


The Smart TV range doesn’t offer the above mentioned ‘innovations’, but do benefit from features like Auto Device Detection and One Remote, Convergence across platforms, 2 Way Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Smart View App with a touch-pad remote.


The Joy Beat range is most affordable of the three. The primary highlight here is front firing speakers, and Samsung hopes that should be appealing to music lovers.

Samsung TV Type (2016) Sizes available Price Range (MRP)
SUHD TVs 123 cm (49 inch) to 223 cm (88 inch) Rs 179,900 to 2,399,900
Smart TVs 80 cm (32 inch) to 198 cm (78 inch) Rs 34,500 to Rs 703,900
Joy Beat TVs 80 cm (32 inch) to 123 cm (49 inch) Rs 27,900 to Rs 69,500

Samsung New 2016 TV’s Features:

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Samsung aims to revolutionize the concept of home entertainment with beautifully designed TVs to meet the changing needs of our consumers, depending on their budget and lifestyle. While we are introducing the best picture quality ever with Quantum Dot technology in our new SUHD range, we are also introducing meaningful innovations in our Smart and Joy Beat ranges. With these offerings, we aim to further consolidate our position as the market leader across segments,” Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India, said.


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