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This year when Samsung launched Galaxy Z Fold 3 (review) and Galaxy Z Flip 3, it proved that foldable smartphones will be the future. Both these devices proved to be the best foldable smartphones in terms of features as well as accessibility for the consumers.

Following this success, the company now wants to expand its dominance in the small and medium form factor OLED display market. To tease its latest advancements, Samsung has launched a new website, spotted by SamMobile where it has teased its newest innovations.

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From the website, it looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a new foldable display, one that will have a sharper fold and less noticeable crease. “An even crisper, cleaner fold and less space in between. The remarkably tiny 1.4R curvature of the Samsung Flex OLED creates a sharper bend, for more compact and precise smartphone designs,” reads the description on the website. “Folding stress is minimized by the display layers’ staggered structure, making such a small curve possible.”

As per the image, the future display will have a curve with a 1.4mm radius. For displays, the aggressiveness of the curve is measured in how large the radius would be, in mm, if the screen extended into a full circle. Some curved monitors might have a curve of 2000R or 1000R. The lower the number, the more aggressive the curve will be. The newest display will have a curve of 1.4mm (down from 5mm).

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

This would require tougher and more flexible glass and looks like the company’s Ultra-Thin Glass will be harder and more flexible too. “Even with heavy usage of 100 folds a day, UTG stands up to over 5 years of constant use. That’s equal to enduring over 200,000 folds and still working fine, in tests verified by Bureau Veritas.” That’s what the current Galaxy Z Fold 3 is rated for.

Samsung has also teased some new designs like a Flex Note, which looks like a foldable tablet. It teased a slidable phone display where the screen would wrap into the chassis of the phone, only to extend like a roll of paper.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Most interesting is that it seems that Samsung Display is all in on rollable OLED TVs, which are currently dominated by LG.

Although foldable smartphones are said to be the future, for 2022 Samsung plans to ship 14 million units of Galaxy S22 smartphones, which is a huge number. This hints that even though the company will come up with innovative foldable phones, but its main focus will be on regular smartphones in 2022.

All these updates seem exciting but we will have to wait till CES 2022 in January to see what the company will come up with.


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