After undergoing vehement testing in South Korea, Samsung’s indigenous Samsung Pay Mini mobile payments service today launched in the Indian market. As the name suggests, this is a toned down version of the original Samsung Pay app that the company originally introduced in select few of its premium Galaxy smartphones a while ago.

Unlike the original one, this would only allow users to make online payments.This comes with Samsung’s Knox and the company claims it is 100 percent secure.

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How Samsung Pay Mini is different from original Samsung pay?

Let us help you there.

The Pay Mini will work only for online payments, as opposed to the Samsung Pay, which supports or work both online as well as offline transactions. This could be attributed to the app’s inability to comply with both the older magnetic card readers, a feature yet limited to the aforementioned few Samsung Galaxy devices, as well as the NFC.

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This means that the Mini version only comes with UPI and Paytm support for transactions, while the full version supports both NFC as well as MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) transaction at the point of sale terminals. Which is to say, Samsung Pay mini can be used for online transactions or for paying through Paytm wallet, you can’t use it for card swipes, unlike the full version.

It will still be relevant on Samsung phones since you can easily access it with a single swipe-up action from any screen.

The Samsung Pay Mini app would be made available for each and every user that owns a Android smartphone, with Android Lollipop (5.0) OS and a 1280 x 720 resolution being the basic criterion. Samsung said that it will be rolling out Samsung Pay Mini to more devices via an update rollout, thereby ending the exclusivity granted to Samsung users by the original version.

It is to remember that Android does have its own mobile payment service called Android Pay, but it is restricted to a select set of countries as of now. Let’s see whether this new app would help Samsung further stretch its lead in mobile payment segment.

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The Samsung Pay Mini soon could make a debut in the Google Play store, from where it can be downloaded.


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