Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Samsung’s latest patent showcases the placement of Camera and Optical Zoom capability within the Stylus, aka S Pen. The patent was filed at the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) back in late February 2017 and it was granted today. S Pen, a highlight of the company’s Note series could henceforth be more utilitarian. You can find the patent schematics down below.

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S Pen Patent Details

The above image reveals the layout of the upcoming improvements and changes to the S Pen as per this patent. Samsung plans to embed the camera lens and image sensor right within the pen body. If we go with the hints, you could tap on the external button placed lower on the S Pen to adjust the zoom.

We are divided about the new development. On one hand, the S Pen could be more useful. But at the same time, this could be an alternative to front camera in future Note phones, affirming the rumors about Samsung’s plan to ditch the selfie snapper altogether.

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Interestingly, slots may be provided in future notebooks and desktop displays to insert the S Pen. So far, there is no confirmation on the plausible inclusion of this feature in Note 10’s S Pen.

Current S Pen Uses

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On our Note 9, we love using its exciting set of features. You could try following things with the Note 9 S Pen:

  1. You could control the Note 9 with the S Pen’s inbuilt Bluetooth feature up to 30 feet away. Thus, some apps like the Camera, Google Chrome, Gallery and Music/Video Players could be used from a distance. Sliding through your Presentations would be a breeze thanks to this.
  2. Scribble and quickly note anything while the screen is off with the Screen-Off memo feature.
  3. Create and share live animated messages.
  4. Bring out the inner artist on any sketchbook app with the S Pen.
  5. Use Air-command to swiftly open your favorite apps.
  6. Translate texts with a hover and tap on the S Pen.
  7. Use Bixby vision, Glance, Magnify and other neat additions sprinkled within the software.
  8. Insert back the S Pen to charge thanks to an embedded Super Capacitor that can charge to 100 percent in less than 40 seconds.

So, let’s use these existing features till the aforementioned additions arrive.


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