Samsung has been granted a new patent for a foldable phone with S Pen support
by World Intellectual Property Organisation, and this strongly hints that the next Samsung Foldable could include S Pen to further bolster productivity claims.

The patent was filed earlier in April this year and was granted this week. It will still take some time before

AES Vs ERS S Pen Technology

The interesting part is the implementation of an S Pen digitizer on the screen in spite of the foldable crease. Reports claim that Samsung will tackle this by using AES (Active Electrostatic Solution) tech that’s more expensive than current Electromagnetic Resonance Solution (ERS) but works without a Digitizer.

AES Pens are also supported by Surface Pro and Lenovo ThinkPad lines in combination with ERS and some designers do prefer these. These pens have capacitive nibs and can be detected by thin glass displays without any additional digitizer required.

The patent shows a single hinge design and also the stylus position on the upcoming Samsung Foldable and Letsgodigital has also created a model based on the patent.

It’s still quite early to be talking about Galaxy Z Fold3 but an S Pen still looks like an obvious next move, especially in times when we are hearing persistent rumors of Galaxy Note line being replaced by Fold series.


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