Samsung “Neo QLED” Mini LED TVs unveiled ahead of CES 2021

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Samsung Electronics had its virtual “First Look 2021” event, which precedes the all-digital CES 2021. Through it, the company showcased its vision for the new year’s TV tech. It’s 4K and 8K models for the year will be called “Neo QLED”. These are Mini LED TVs powered by “Quantum Matrix” and “Neo Quantum Processor”. But, what do these mean, and what are the benefits they bring about? Let’s just drive right into it.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs: What’s the secret sauce?

QLED (if you’re aware of Samsung lingo) is an LCD panel with quantum dot molecules that is backlit by the LED local-dimming array behind them. Now, in its 2021 flagship TVs, Samsung is employing Mini LED which is 1/40 the height of a conventional LED. These tiny LEDs are arranged as a matrix in thin microlayers. This Quantum Matrix system enables “ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs, preventing blooming—and allowing viewers to enjoy the content as it’s meant to be seen”. This also “increases the luminance scale to 12-bit with 4096 steps”, which should allow better contrast and HDR experience. You could also expect a better screen uniformity too.

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Next up, there is the Neo Quantum Processor (w/ up to 16 different neural networks) that facilitate enhanced upscaling potential.

Another improvement is in the area of the so-called “Infinity One Design”. The 8K Neo models will come with a new cable management system named Slim One Connect box, that can be easily attached to and detached from the TV’s back.

Then, in the sound department, you will get Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro which as the name suggests, outs sound corresponding to the movement of objects on the screen, and SpaceFit Sound, which ensures immersive sound with respect to the room in which the TV sits.

A few other Smart features include:

  • Smart Trainer feature within Samsung Health that tracks, analyzes, and offers real-time feedback on your workout posture. You just have to attach a webcam.
  • Google Duo video chat with the option to mirror the video call from your phone to the TV.
  • Dex and PC on TV which lets you access the PC environment on the TV screen.
  • Super Ultrawide GameView that allows gameplay in 32:9 aspect ratio, Game Bar with quick settings like switching aspect ratios, checking input lag, or connecting a headset, and FreeSync Premium Pro for better response times.
  • Although not explicitly disclosed, some reports suggest support for Nvidia G-SYNC on the latest Samsung high-end TVs (QN90A and higher models).
  • These also bring support for 4K/120fps gaming, PS5, and XBOX Series X as well.
  • Solar Charging remote with about 2 years worth of battery life on a single charge and an overall lifespan of 7 years.

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Samsung Neo QLED TVs Price and Availability

You could expect the new Neo QLED TVs to be available later this year although Samsung hasn’t provided any specific detail on the price and release dates.

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