Samsung Unveils Brighter, Glare-Free S95D and S90D QD-OLED TVs Ahead of 2024

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Ahead of CES 2024, Samsung has unveiled the S95D and S90D, the latest additions to its acclaimed QD-OLED TV lineup. The S95D and S90D to come in sizes ranging between 55-inches to 77-inches. Building on the success of the 2023 line-up – S95C and S90C, these TVs promise a brighter, glare-free, and even more immersive viewing experience. Here are the highlights of the Samsung S95D and S90D QD-OLED TVs.

Samsung S95D and S90D QD-OLED TVs Highlights

1. Brighter and Bolder

The flagship S95D boasts a significant 20% increase in peak brightness compared to its predecessor, achieving an impressive 1,600 nits. This makes it the brightest OLED TV on the market, offering stunning visuals even in well-lit rooms.

2. Glare Free OLED

One of the most innovative features is OLED Glare Free, exclusive to the S95D. This anti-glare coating eliminates distracting reflections, a longstanding challenge for OLED TVs, without compromising picture quality or viewing angles.

3. Enhanced Performance and AI-Powered Optimization

Both the S95D and S90D cater to gamers with up to 4K 144Hz refresh rates, support for FreeSync Premium Pro (S95D) and FreeSync Premium (S90D), and the new Game Bar 4.0. Notably, Game Bar 4.0 features an AI Auto Mode that automatically adjusts picture and sound settings based on the game genre you’re playing.

Are they Truly the next-gen Samsung QD-OLEDs?

While the S95D and S90D share many similarities with their predecessors, including speaker configuration, power output, and the absence of Dolby Vision, the question remains: are they true game-changers?

The S95D’s anti-glare screen and increased brightness are undeniable advancements, addressing a critical pain point for OLED technology. This, along with its potential title of “brightest OLED” on the market, sets it apart as a potentially revolutionary contender.

However, the S90D appears less differentiated, raising questions about its value proposition compared to the well-received S90C.

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