Samsung is reportedly bringing back its OLED TV back to life after the division was suspended in 2015 following the high cost of OLED panels. To fill that void, the Korean conglomerate shifted its focus on 4K Ultra HD LCD panels and QLED TVs.

But, according to a new report by Business Korea, Samsung Electronics’ VC, Lee Jae-Yong, has ordered for the restoration of company’s OLED TV division. Lee passed the order after he was informed the current state of affairs at the company.

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Why a Rethought at OLED TV?

When Samsung ended its OLED TV production, it left behind LG as the sole manufacturer of OLED TVs in South Korea. LG quickly understood this opportunity and ramped up its investments in OLED panels and product. The latest activity showed, the firm attempt to grip the OLED business by investing around $18.8 billion till 2020.

Samsung, on the other hand, promoted its QLED TV technology and lured the customers away from the OLED panels. The company cited that the latter is not suitable for any gadget bigger than mobile phones. The reason they gave was that the light diodes the OLED panel emit are comparable to traditional LEDs.

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And for this, Samsung started to manufacture its TV with higher QLED displays while keeping its OLED limited to its mobile phone and smartwatches.

Now, a report claims that Samsung is on the verge of turning back to OLED TV technology once more. According to the etnews website, Samsung might come up with a TV with a QD-OLED display that benefits from the brightness and color benefits of Quantum dot.

It will be interesting to see, how and when Samsung will make the return to the OLED TV business. Meanwhile, the restoration old business does not mean that it will end its focus on QLED TV panels.

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