Source: ET News

After years of subverting the OLED technology, Samsung is finally expected to come up with its Quantum Dots (QD) based OLED TVs in 2022. The new panels would be fancily called QD Display just like its LCD TVs are named QLEDs.

The report comes from South Korea’s ET News, according to which, the new development has been possible because of an agreement between Samsung’s two arms — Samsung Electronics (which sells the TVs) and Samsung Display (which makes the display panels). For the uninitiated, Samsung Electronics (more importantly its sub-division the Samsung Visual Display) had launched an OLED TV back in 2003 and dropped the project for its QLED LCD TVs. Ever since then, it had been a critic of OLEDs stating their lower brightness and life span (burn-in) and purportedly to undermine the competition (ie., LG which is a leader in OLED market).

Samsung KE55S9C 55-inch UHD OLED TV with true RGB colors (2003)

Also, Samsung Electronics had been already invested in a lot of display technologies like microLED, miniLED (Neo QLED), LCD (QLED), etc. So, even with a ready offer from Samsung Display, Samsung Electronics wasn’t interested stating, “its low business value as its unit cost is higher than other competing technologies”. But that was until now.

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Covid-19 pandemic changed things and tipped the scales in favor of Samsung Displays. The demands for LCD TVs have leapfrogged lately and to capitalize this sudden surge in demand, Samsung Electronics has to depend on the Samsung Display (which will be manufacturing it).

So, now as per the new agreement, the Samsung Electronics can procure LCD panels from Samsung Displays, as long as it adopts the QD OLEDs. If it works out, this will be a win-win for both parties, as well as the market.


“They agreed on having Samsung Electronics use QD display panels that Samsung Display is working on for Samsung Electronics’ TVs and having Samsung Display extend production of LCDs that was scheduled to end at the end of this March until the end of this year and deliver a supply of LCDs that Samsung Electronics needs,” reveals the report.


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