Samsung has been incessantly flooding A-series phones for the last couple of months. In fact, in just the last 50 days or so we have witnessed the launch of seven A-series phones shooting the Galaxy total up to 15 this year. The strategy, however, seems to be working since the South-Korean giant has already sold over 2 Million A-series phones in just the first 40 days! (Samsung Galaxy A20 review हिंदी में पढ़िए)

The Galaxy A20, that we’d be discussing today, overlaps with the Galaxy M20 (Review) or lies somewhere in the middle of the two M20 variants, to be precise. Since this is an A-series phone, you get a relatively better design, fast charging, an AMOLED screen, and the new One UI software. These are clear cut advantages that cannot be discounted. But are these perks good enough to overshadow the likes of Realme 3 Pro and the much sought-after Redmi Note 7 Pro that offer faster processors? Read on our Galaxy A20 review to know our take.

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Price and Specifications

Model Samsung Galaxy A20
Display 6.4-inch 720×1560 HD+ pixels, AMOLED, Infinity-V cutout
Processor 1.6 GHz octa-core Exynos 7884 SoC
Internal Storage 32GB, Dedicated card slot (expandable up to 512GB)
Software Android 9 Pie based One UI
Primary Camera 13MP (F1.9) + 5MP (F2.2)
Front Camera 8MP (F/2.0)
Fingerprint sensor Yes, rear-mounted
Battery 4000mAh with fast charging
Price Rs. 11,490

Samsung Galaxy A20 Unboxing: What’s in the box?

The Samsung Galaxy A20 box contents include:

  • Handset
  • Adaptive fast charger
  • USB Type-C cable
  • SIM ejector tool
  • Basic headphones
  • Documentation

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Design and Build

The Samsung Galaxy A20 follows the standard 2019 A-series design. It has premium looking 3D ‘glasstic’ back (which is a fancier way of putting glass-finish polycarbonate back), a much-appreciated USB Type-C port, and it feels extremely solid. It’s also exactly similar to the Galaxy A30, except that Samsung is using a different AMOLED panel with a V cutout (as compared to Infinity-U on A30, a minor change).

But all those are mere details. No matter what the design labels say (glass, 3D, curved, rounded, etc.), we know a good design when we see one. The Galaxy A20 is slick and sexy and it’s extremely comfortable to hold and to operate. Our Red color review unit has drawn polarized opinions, but we kind of like it. Our only gripe is that the fingerprint sensor is a bit too close to the top.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Display

Samsung bestows this affordable phone with an AMOLED screen, but the catch here is that the resolution is just HD+ (which is more of a concern since this is an OLED screen). This was a thing we were concerned about going into the review, but using the phone first hand pacified us. 

Yes, our trained eyes can make out soft edges and fuzzy text but HD resolution on a phone screen. But yes, it’s definitely something we can live with.

The AMOLED panel offers excellent contrast, close to neutral whites, and the option to choose between 4 color presets (Basic being our personal favorite). The screen isn’t sharp enough, but it’s light on eyes, well-calibrated, and wonderful to look at.

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Performance and Software

Samsung is following a very weird nomenclature for its Exynos chips. The Exynos 7904 (Galaxy M20, M30, A30) is actually weaker than the Galaxy 7885, but it’s still better performing than the Exynos 7884 that powers the Galaxy A20.  

The handset comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB native storage. There’s a dedicated card slot that you may use to add additional microSD storage.

Long story short, the Galaxy A20 is primarily meant for very basic users. The performance isn’t snappy, but we didn’t encounter any stutters with day-to-day usage. Casual games are playable, but the hardcore stuff doesn’t run smooth.

The software, on the other hand, counts as a major strength. Samsung’s new One UI is sublime and very simple to navigate or to get used to. We are quite taken in with the redesign and nifty animations, and the UI is very well optimized. Like all recently launched Samsung phones, the Galaxy A20 supports HD streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The fingerprint sensor can detect and reference your fingers really fast, but it takes another extra second (or a fraction of a second) for the screen to wake up.  Face unlock is reasonably fast but not snappy.

As for call quality, we didn’t face any issues with calling. Dual 4G VoLTE is supported, but the Galaxy A20 does not have dual-band Wi-Fi support.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Camera

The Galaxy A20 benefits from all the work Samsung has put over years into refining its camera software. The camera performance turned out to be quite good considering the price.

The handset has a 13MP rear camera and a secondary 5MP wide-angle shooter. In proper lighting (both indoors and outdoors), the images clicked have reasonable details and wide dynamic range. Colors are punchy without going overboard.

Colors are well balanced outdoors
Details in the backdrop are fuzzy. The subject appears fine.

The Galaxy A20 can lock focus quickly outdoors, but not indoors. The camera fumbles metering in tricky shots or for shots with light sources in the background. 

In low light, details take a hit and there is visible noise, but the camera software is smart enough to churn out useable pictures.

The wide-angle camera can be used to zoom out and shoot landscapes, but there’s distortion around edges which can get a bit distracting.

The portrait mode (Live focus) only works when the camera detects a face nearby. It’s primarily software-powered and felt a bit underwhelming.

The 8MP selfie camera can click workable shots but only in proper outdoor lighting.

Overall, the Galaxy A20 camera performance is not impressive by far, but it’s perhaps acceptable for the price.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Battery

The Galaxy A20 has a 4000mAh battery with fast charging support. The battery mileage is awesome and we could easily last for more than a day on most days.

A fast charger is bundled in the box. In case you don’t know, Samsung’s a bit chary about fast charging on phones. Its Adaptive Fast Charging maxes at 15W, even for flagships like Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10. So, yeah, the fast charging is moderately fast, but it still counts as an advantage at this price point. The battery charges to 35-percent in the first 30 minutes and takes less than two hours for a full charge. 

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Samsung Galaxy A20 Review: Verdict

In terms of specs, the Galaxy A20 is outclassed by the likes of Realme 3 Pro and Redmi Note 7 that fall in the price segment. Having said that, if consumers were to experience the three phones in a closed room without any idea about their specs, many would be inclined to go with the Galaxy A20.

That’s because of the solid impression it casts. The design is wonderful, the phone is compact and handy, the One UI software is extremely likable, and the AMOLED display is gorgeous. At the same time, the choice of chipset and performance configuration limits the phone to very basic users especially if you are considering the Galaxy A20 in 2020.


  • Premium design
  • AMOLED display
  • Dedicated Card Slot
  • Excellent battery backup and fast charging
  • Excellent software


  • Performance
  • Mediocre camera performance
  • Low display resolution



  1. I love mine…but lately the battery fails too quickly…once it’s lower than 20%, I plug it in to charge and as soon as I do that the percentage goes down to 0 within five minutes. I have no idea why it does that. I bought it in September of 2020.

  2. I have T-Mobile and bought an A20. That was over a year ago and I couldn’t stand it anymore! Putting my old phone, a Galaxy J7Prime next to the A20, it wouldn’t download an app I needed, next to the J7 that didn’t have a problem. I’m trading it in today

  3. This is so far the most useless phone I have came across, it’s so complex and hard to use specially as a ex-iphone user. It is NOT wonderful nor easy to use, it’s just a waste. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR SOMETHING ELSE.

  4. Thanks , I’ve recently been looking for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I have discovered till now. However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the supply?

  5. Oh man now I am asking myself if I got the right phone now A20 but for the money I had no choice wish me luck I just got it so I will update in a month or so unless something really crappy goes wrong crossing my fingers it don’t 🙂

  6. I have had my A20 for a year now. I have no complaints, for it has worked very well for me. Maybe some of the complaints on this phone have more to do with there service providers?

  7. I don’t understand all of the negative comments. I switched from V*** to Spectrum Mobile a couple of months ago and purchased a Samsung A20. I have not had a problem with it at all. Hopefully, after reading all of these negative comments, I won’t start experiencing any!

  8. I am job less my age 58 years I am patient I did not purchase the touch mobile please one touch mobile free gave me
    best wishes for you

  9. Can the A20 notify me with a light when I have a message like my S8 did. I need to see if i have a message without opening the screen.

  10. My Samsung A20 has got me stressed out. It is so slow I fall asleep waiting on it to leash anything. I think its Boost. If this is how slow their service is I might as well have land line phone. I don’t recommend Boost mobile to anyone. I thought Metro was slow ..its a fast car compared to turtle slow Boost. Or is it my Samsung A20 that’s the problem.

  11. I have had serious problems with my camera. It take beautiful pics. Problem is, I will take a pic and its no where to be found in my gallery. The pics that do show up are beautiful, but some of them have lines through the pic. Some are all greyed oit. Some are all green. Terrible. This is the 2nd phone. Same issues as the 1st phone. Reception is great. As we know, reception is the carrier, and not the problem of the phone.

  12. Hate mine. Screen is too sensitive pain in the ass. Clicks and sends and calls people constantly if not locked. A real piece of crap. Sound is horrible

  13. A20 sorriest phone I ever owned can’t wait to get rid of it dropped calls rings when no one is there had a Samsung J3 eclipse before great phone would still have it but dropped in water

  14. The reception problems you all are having has nothing to do with the phone lol. I live in Chicago il, I have had the A20 for a year and I just switched companies and got another brand new A20 and I love the phone. Shit I got one for my son. If your phone company offers good coverage and 4g you should have no problems.

    • I am having lots of problems with my Samsung A20 Galaxy. Boucek mail is set up, but when the call is suppose to go to voicemail, callers get “this is Verizon wireless, the number you called is not in service.” I have been fighting with Spectrum Mobile for 3 most. And they keep telling me they are trying to resolve the problem. You say you switched companies and got new phone, how do you do this?

  15. Hello Deepak,
    I’m thinking of switching from my 1st gen Moto Z Force Droid.
    I don’t play games often or take a ton of pictures.
    I use my phone for texting, emails, podcasts, basic social media, the occasional video chat, and GPS.
    Can I get your opinion on this switch?

  16. You know you can google and set the on off button to hit it 2wice and turns on the camera . Also as huge help you can set the volume button to focus the camera.

    Also you can set it to unlock automatically near what ever device it can detect or pair with. Like your car stereo it will automatically reconnect everytime you get close ,instead of having to unlock your phone to reconnect. Also you can speed the phone up or you usto to beable to make it a like 1.8 or 2ghz processor it’s called overclocking will void the warranty

  17. It’s your service providers , google fi is a ripoff all of those non mvno carriers aka magic Jack’s.
    Like text free drop calls because they use wifi to make a phone call and never work and never have signal unless it’s a business. .
    I have metro pcs and it works flawless. What it needs it’s a software update for the awesome wide angle shots. To have focus and a flash.

    Dude in Florida you know you have the Bermuda magnetic disturbance drains car batteries it reaches upto fortwalton beach , sure 3/4’s of the cars batteries in the parking lot are all drained the same

  18. Contemplating a phone upgrade from my Galaxy S7 that’s 4 years old and showing age issues with each Samsung update probably overloading its chip software. How does the A20 compare to my old S7? What differences are noticeable and possibly a deal breaker? How is the A20 sound quality?

  19. Had the a20 for two weeks before the signal started dropping and a “X” appears in the network window. They couldn’t fix it. Coverage isn’t a problem as I live in Miami, this is a first..
    It fell out my hands while I was 2feet off the ground, the screen got a minor crack ( on Wood floor) and later that night the screen went black. They told me the LCD screen must be broken. I was very upset that a drop that simple could have caused that…
    This must be the worst phone ever made, period. I am in the process of getting rid of anything I have made by Samsung. They obviously care very little for consumers or the integrity of the products they sell.
    DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, you’ll definitely regret it. Only people who got payed to do good reviews are doing so…

    • I like how you think. I also got rid of as much Samsung stuff I could they suck and have no customer service or support at all electronics or appliances. I wish people would boycott all Samsung products to send them a message or put out of business. All this electronic shit is way overpriced.

    • I like how you think. I also got rid of as much Samsung stuff I could they suck and have no customer service or support at all electronics or appliances. I wish people would boycott all Samsung products to send them a message or put out of business. All this electronic shit is way overpriced. iPhone is not much better either, Back to regular phones for everyone might be the answer!!!

  20. Worst phone I have ever had for signal. Calls drop out all the time. Only get one to two bars. Data wobbles from 4G to 3G, parama chetha phone , dont buy waste your money. this hanging for operation time between program to program.

    • I am having lots of problems with my Samsung A20 Galaxy. Boucek mail is set up, but when the call is suppose to go to voicemail, callers get “this is Verizon wireless, the number you called is not in service.” I have been fighting with Spectrum Mobile for 3 most. And they keep telling me they are trying to resolve the problem. You say you switched companies and got new phone, how do you do this?

  21. My A20 keeps tranferring most of my sd storage BACK to INTERNAL without my doing anything. Close to every second day i see my internal 32gb storage space phone informing me that I’m close to running out of space. I have a 64gb sd card which is plenty for my needs but seriously, every second day i need to spend up to 40 minutes transferring my apps BACK from internal to external storage….over a year that AGES spend WASTING MY TIME on transferring app data. On this point alone and considering there’s no assistance from Galaxy as far as I know….in all good conscience I cannot recommend the Galaxy A20 phone to anyone.

  22. THE A20 for its price is an excellent phone for $199au dollars and $30 credit all I can say is if it’s not working for you you have a problem with the universe not samsung galaxy A20 as good as an A80 I’d say try tuning into Orson you know mork calling Orson from mork and Mindy lol

  23. The Samsung A20 is the worst phone I have ever had! Nothing on the phone works! Can’t answer a call without getting disconnected! Too many issues/problems to list and NO SUPPORT FROM SAMSUNG! Just got off the phone with a supervisor and his recommendation was to send the phone to them to try to repair. This would require me being without a phone for one to two weeks! Are you kidding me? Please don’t buy this phone! You will regret it! Just wasted close to $400.00!

    • That’s ok my screen quit working due to no fault of my own never dropped or hit took it in to be repaired under warranty only had phone for 9 months and they told me I must have done something to it and samsung would not warranty it. They want me to pay 180 for screen and 90 for install phone isn’t even worth that much i have always bought samsung but this experience has been the worst

    • I have same problem can not call, text, receiving call. bring to Metro they said; the phone broken can not do any thing need to buy new one after I bought less than year ago. can not change, I am not recommend to buy from Metro store.

  24. t is a good for nothing phone. It has an unstable network reception that also affects stability of connectivity. Where the network bar of the gsm service provider is full and stable in phones like gionee, that of Samsung A20 will be fluctuating between 0-2 network bars making it often difficult to surf the internet. I hope to swap it for another phone this festive season.

  25. My S5 could not unlock screen. 400 to 600 $ to fix Samsung sold me A20 going fine so is S5 hasn’t locked once filthy on Samsung. If I got rid of A20.S5 will break.

  26. What about this overheating problem with the A20 phone??? I just purchased one, & have not taken it out of the box yet. Thinking about taking it back??

  27. I assumed that those who are complaining about lack of 4G are in India?
    I bought an A20 and have had no issues except the photo thing where there is a little blurriness but otherise its fine.
    I get 4G reception perfectly in Australia and the speed is fine- my teco is Vodafone, a shit carrier in Australia but still works fine.
    Its no good for anything but basic to medium games.
    I think for $300 AUD its an amazing little phone- and perfect for me- My main phone is a Samsung S10 so i cant really compare the 2.
    But… don’t knock this phone for the price

  28. I have had this phone (Samsung Galaxy A20) for a few days now. I have not experienced any issues mentioned in this post other than the possible pixelated/blurred edges on some pictures. And in all honesty, it’s not really that bad unless your the type to count the blades of grass in your yard. I’ve also played Mario Kart World Tour with no issues. Granted the phone is not over $1k like iPhones are.. but it’s a good phone. The one thing I do agree with though is the phone feels like it should be around the $150 new range. Not $200-$250, but I am cheap also and this is the first phone I have actually bought in 7 years.


    • I just bought the Samsung A20 .worked fine the 1st day. The 2nd day says I’m not connected, drops CALLS all the time. While making a cake it says its calling but isn’t ringing at all. I only have this phone and i have medical problems. I can’t even get or make calls to my doctors. My calls constantly just drop and end. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THESE PHONES THEY ARE JUNK

  29. I think I lose money for buying Samsung A20 phone. The 3g and 4G signal is too much low. I Don’t know how can I get rid from it.

    • That has nothing to do with your phone. Distance from a cell tower and the extent that your carrier is throttling your signal is what is affecting that.

    • Worst phone I have ever had for signal. Calls drop out all the time. Only get one to two bars. Data wobbles from 4G to 3G. This is at my home, I can see the tower clearly 5km away, absolutely nothing in the way. If I want to make a phone call have to stand on the balcony, inside wooden framed house calls hopeless. Had absolutely no problems with signal with previous $50 Huawai (unfortunately it died). Will never buy a Samsung again. Seems to be an aerial issue as goes OK when I am in town within 2km from tower.

  30. This phone is wasted money…it overheats…has charging issues…goes off almost all the time…infact this A20 is a mess

  31. I’m torn between A20 and Lenovo Z6 Lite. Please help. Which is better? For me, I like Samsung bcs I can change the fonts, and with beautiful icons and theme. But I like Lenovo also bcs of its 64gb internal storage and with good camera as well and with a lower price. But can I change the font using Lenovo? I don’t play games but I used a lot of apps. Which performance is better? Help me pls.

    • Go with Samsung. I personally dont trust Chinese-made phones/computers – they are spying on you, guaranteed. Also, you can add a 512 gB microSD card to the A20, bringing you up to 544 gigs, enough for anybody. Also, dont listen the geek snobs trying to justify their $1100 phones – gaming on the A20 is great! The large, wide aspect ratio screen makes games pop. So much better than a 16:9 screen! Your connection speed/quality is what determines your gaming experience, anyway…
      ‘Limited to very basic users’, my ass.. Get real!

  32. I live in an area with poor signal strenght, so would this be any good to me or is there a better model?, I don’t need any tricks

  33. I hate this phone the camera is very annoying I hate this phone money wasted better do something about it I can’t advice anybody to buy this phone shit

  34. Just got the A20 for birthday present. My much loved Note 8 unfortunately is too expensive to get broken screen fixed. So far I’m loving it, but can’t get my caller id happening!!?? All logged on to all accounts and turned on /off etc. How or why is that. And how can I fix it

  35. its a good phone awesome battery backup for a moderate user using from last 10 days no hanging problem camera is good in daylight nd not the worst in low light…one ui is bautyful…icons look damn good on amoled display…usp of this set is its display….design is good..

  36. Worst phone and service you will loose money if u buy A30 A10 A20 heating problem. Switched off and will not on. Very slow 10/0 4 days old phone got hanged


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