Lately, so many companies have entered the home security systems market. Their DIY setups can be easily installed, won’t cost a lot, and can grant you peace of mind. One such product is the titular Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera. This one comes from the homegrown Hero Electronix group and is outfitted with nifty features like IP65 water resistance, face mask detection, intruder detection, and safe car parking.

Here’s the complete spec sheet —

ModelQubo Smart Outdoor Camera – HCM01B
Camera FeaturesContinuous Real-time monitoring, 110 Degrees Field of View, 180 Degrees & Mirror Flip, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Car Parking, Person Detection, Still Image, Face Mask Detection
Record IndicationTri-color LED for 3 states (R, G, B)
Video ResolutionUp to 1080p30 (HD)
Video formatH.264
Audio1W speaker with echo cancellation; Full Duplex-2 Way Communication
Audio formatAAC-LC
StorageCloud (Free: 5GB); Micro-SD Card: up to 128GB
Connectivity2.4Ghz Wi-Fi (802.11/b/g/n) network, Greater than 2Mbps network upload speed, RSSI strength greater than -50dBm
SoftwareEvent Timeline; OTA updates
SecurityQualcomm QCrypto encryption; Data storage in India
Power110V – 240V
Price₹5,490; Introductory: ₹3,990

So now that you have got a look at the ready reckoner, let’s unravel how competent it is at its job. This is the Smartprix review of the Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera.

And here’s everything you get within the package:

Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera Unboxing

  • Security Camera
  • Power Adapter
  • Cable
  • Deco Plate (attached)
  • Wall Anchors (2 units)
  • Wall Screws (2 units)
  • Deco Plate Screws (2 units)

Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera Design and Installation

The Qubo camera is oblong-shaped with a hinge connected to a rounded trapezoid stand. The narrow form factor could make it look stuck out and pronounced than the spherical-shaped alternatives.

The front of this oblong is where you have the multicolor LED, camera, and mic (top to bottom). Behind, there is a speaker, and that’s it. To the left, there is a slit wherein you’d find the micro-SD card slot (up to 128GB) and reset button. The rubber flap hatch on top covers it tightly. Still, it shouldn’t be hard for someone to pop out the card, and along goes the data. Yea, it is playable on other devices. There is no encryption for the same. Highly insecure!

From the back of the base, a wire (around 1.8m in length) comes out that you can tether to the supplied adapter. I wish Qubo had adopted a USB-C connection instead since it is easier to replace in case of damage or say you need to extend to reach the socket at distance. The materials used in both the camera and the adapter feel durable. Qubo claims the cam is IP-65 weather-resistant which makes it weather-proof to an extent.

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Coming to installation, you can either place it in a standing position or fix it tilted downwards somewhere 2-3 meters above the ground. Ensure, the view is right, without any hindrance in the form of plants, poles, or porch lite. Also, the company guides the user to minimize the camera’s exposure to direct sunlight as it is made to work in between 0℃ to 45℃.

Needless to say, the placement has to be in the range of your WiFi router. This is important for the Qubo app (which is downloadable from Google and Apple app stores) to sync with the camera. The app will walk you through the features and setup steps. You must register by entering some basic details.

Choose the type of Qubo gadget you are connecting. In this case, it is a Smart Outdoor Security Camera. Allow WiFi access. Ensure the LED is continuously blinking red. Place the QR code on the phone screen in front of the camera. It will scan the same to complete the connection. Select the location of camera installation, and name the device. You may also enable Alexa access if you want. More on the app and the subscription plans in the coming section.

To set it up here’s what you gotta do (Instructions are well-explained within the bundled booklet):

  1. Rotate the deco plate clockwise to expose the holes for the wall screws. The screw holes to fix the deco plate will also fall into place.
  2. Fix the deco plate into the base of the Qubo Smart Home Security Camera using the deco plate screws provided in the box. The deco plate screws can only be screwed into the smaller holes, towards the center of the deco plate.
  3. Fix the device on the wall using the wall screws. It is better to mark the spots where you intend to drill the holes. Use the bundled wall anchors to hold the screws if you want to mount the device on hard surfaces such as brick or stone.

Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera App, Features, and Performance

© Qubo

Once the camera is mounted or placed at a place you want and is plugged into a power source, ensure, the camera is linked to the Qubo app. And here’s how the rest of the experience goes about —

When you insert the memory card, the machine warns if formatting is required and does it once you agree to the same. The recording can be set to start whence a person/motion is detected. It informs you of the same via phone notifications. If you wish, you can activate continuous-recording (which mind you, works only on an SD card). There is an option to configure routines and accompanying actions depending on your Home, Away, and Night modes.

You will know when it is recording from the green LED indicator. The recording quality can be set as SD or HD (1080p). While SD is serviceable, HD gives out much better output. The encoding is done in H.264 only, while competitors like Realme 360 Deg Wifi security camera offers H.265 (which has ~57% smaller HD video compression rate). What this means is more storage consumption, relatively speaking that is.

In a dark environment, the IR kicks in, and the result is intelligible. The app has a neat Event Timeline with all the stills, videos, time-lapse captures made over a period of time. You can also take a look at the real-time live video, which works impressively well from a distance (on mobile data).

Here are some of its highlight features:

  • 2-Way Talk works clearly with negligible delay. This should come in handy for enquiring the visitor at doorsteps.
  • The manual alarm can be triggered from the app which will alert the people in the vicinity.
  • Face Mask Detection is a clever addition to the feature set during pandemic times.
  • Secure car parking notifies you when the vehicle moves from its designated position. You can preselect/mark the area as instructed by the app. Meanwhile, the Activity Zone feature does a similar job with human subjects instead of automobiles. The fine print underlines how these are beta features.

Last but not least, Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera is equipped with Amazon Alexa integration, which means you can command the camera to stream the live video on a compatible smart display. That’s cool and all. But, I think support for Google Assistant and Apple Homekit would have been cooler. Also, in case you are wondering, there is no support for IFTTT either.

All the data collected is secured by Qualcomm Crypto (aka QCrypto) 256-bit encryption. And Qubo states the cloud data is safely stored in India, which is reassuring.

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Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera Review Verdict

Qubo Smart Outdoor Security Camera is packed with features. You can see the live feed from anywhere in pretty good quality. Besides this basic thing, you get routine-based actions, 2-way talk, manual alarm, face mask detection, secure car parking. These are simple to set and should add a layer of convenience to various aspects of security in your lives. The same level of simplicity and usability pertains to the app interface.

The presence of cloud storage comes as a boon. It is even more encouraging to have cloud data safely stored in the country. This takes precedence given the micro-SD card can be easily ejected and played on any other device. Also, add Qubo’s proprietary cable and slightly dated video compression to the list of quibbles.

However, if these don’t niggle you, Qubo has got a competent outdoor security camera for all the other stuff it brings. And if you are considering, try to grab it at the introductory price of ₹3,990 to avoid a pricier tag.


  • HD continuous recording with night vision
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Face Mask detection, Car Parking, 2-Way Talk, Timelapse
  • Easy setup and App UI


  • Proprietary cable
  • Easily accessible SD card data
  • H.264 is relatively more space-consuming


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