Oppo pop-up-display-and-side-sliding-screen phones
Image credit: Lets Go Digital

These days we are witnessing some serious innovation in the smartphone design. Vivo recently tried to reinvent smartphone with its Nex 2 Dual Display and portless Apex 2, and now Oppo has filed an entirely new patent for ‘pop-up display’ and ‘side-slider display’ smartphones. This new design concept, as bizarre as it may sound, could make it to future Oppo flagships.

Global body of patents properties – WIPO (World Intelectual Property Organization) received a patent application from Oppo Mobile Telecommunications which suggest that the Chinese smartphone maker has conceptualized a smartphone with a pop-up display and another one with a secondary display that slides from behind the main screen of the phone. Lets Go Digital recently got hold of these patent application and, based on the information, they have created renders of these concept phones.

Oppo Pop-Up Display Smartphone: Find X2?

This render will remind you the Oppo Find X which featured a motorized slider camera. In this render, a secondary display pops out at the top using a motorized mechanism. What’s weird here is that illustration shows the main screen bezel still features a selfie camera up top.

The second display in the render is slimmer and narrower. The purpose of the additional screen isn’t clear yet.

Oppo Side-Sliding Display Phone: Nokia communicator inspired design?

The second design makes comparatively more sense. Remember the old Nokia communicator, well it sort of reminds us of that. However, instead of a qwerty keyboard, it has a sliding secondary screen. In recent times, like of Blackberry Priv and a few other phones have tried implementing this slide-out physical keyboard and it might be a long shot but Oppo might use the secondary display for a full-length keyboard without physical buttons – and other things.


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