Oppo Inno Day 2021 is happening on 14th and 15th December this 2021. The 2nd edition of Inno Day will be live-streamed at 4:00 PM GMT (9:30 PM IST). The company will be revealing its newest strategies, technologies, and R&D developments on the day. Among all things, Oppo will be revealing the first neural processing unit (NPU), retractable camera design, and smart glasses, among other new introductions. Here’s everything we know so far:

Oppo Retractable Camera

Oppo has shared a teaser video on its social channels showcasing a phone’s prototype with a retractable camera design on the back panel. The short video visually explains the working of this concept smartphone which also displayed splash-resistant features. The rear camera automatically retracts itself when dropped from a certain height. While Oppo has left a chance to understand the mockup of the phone leaving us to wait for the event day.

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Oppo Foldable Smartphone

There are reports that suggest that Oppo could finally unveil its much-awaited foldable smartphone. The device is expected to drive by the Snapdragon 888 chipset, 12GB RAM, and 256GB internal memory. Since Oppo foldable phone will be the first device, it is rumored to be designed similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (review). 

Oppo Neural Processing Unit 

The Chinese manufacturer has announced to unveil its Neural Processing Unit (NPU) during the event scheduled for the next week. The company is calling it MariSilicon X while releasing a teaser poster on Twitter. But it deliberately doesn’t say a word about what objective it will cater to. Though we expect the purpose to be AI-related.

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Oppo Smart Glasses

The company is all set to introduce its next-generation smart glasses during the Inno Day. The brand has previously launched its first VR glasses back in 2019 aiming to provide AR streaming of online and local HD videos. Now, the upcoming smart glasses are believed to be more advanced, lighter, and improved. While there’s not much information about the Oppo smart glasses to share with you at this moment. 

Oppo Digital Human

Oppo divulges us with a short video clip where it can be seen that a model is working out in front of a TV. Basically, the company has developed a virtual character technology integrated with AI efficiency to simulate general human activities. It is designed to deliver improved home workout sessions by enabling the virtual character to learn human semantics, voice synthesis, lip-syncing, and overall body expressions.

Apart from the aforementioned products and technologies, Oppo will also bring new breakthroughs related to imaging, AI, AR, and 5G upgrades. 


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