Oppo’s flagship device Find X was recently put through a ‘bend test’ by Zack Nelson from the popular YouTube channel ‘JerryRigEverything’, where the smartphone was seen failing badly. Besides this, the mobile was also subjected to a scratch and burn test in order to figure out its tolerance. The handset was detailed threadbare on Zack’s show with results primarily focused around the physical endurance of the phone.

Oppo Find X, worth Rs 59,990, came to India earlier this month. The smartphone is best known for its hyped ‘slider’ that bears both the front and rear cameras. This use of a mechanical slider has received polarized reactions from the tech community, and was given a big thumbs down at JerryRigEverything. Zack termed the slider as an ‘odd design element’ that is sure to undergo mechanical wear and tear in a short span of usage.

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Zack’s ‘Moh’s scale of hardness’ revealed scratches at level 6 and deeper cuts at level 7, which is usual for a phone featuring Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 protection. The phone’s AMOLED panel developed a permanent white burn mark after being placed in contact with a flame for about 14 seconds. However, the flame exposure did not affect the phone’s functionality. Zack reminded his audience during the test that unlike the LCD panels, the AMOLED panels cannot heal its burn marks.

While in the bend test, the Oppo Find X bent easily on application of slight effort and did not get back in shape after pressure was applied on the same and instead kept on stretching with the applied force. Although the phone’s metal edges survive the bend test with ease, its AMOLED panel cracked as a result of the pressure. On furthering the impact, both the front and rear glasses shattered. Zack highlighted here that 90 percent of the phones tested on his show have survived the above test conditions, putting Oppo Find X an embarrassing position.

On the bright side, the metal edges of the phone exhibit a “sense of solidity” and endures the bend test thus securing the phone in place. Also, the glass rear and camera sensors hidden under the slider of the phone sustained no scratched when put through the test. Zack ended his video with a brief of Oppo Find X.

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