OnePlus 7 Pro is inching closer for a launch on May 14, 2019, and before that happens, OnePlus has already talked a lot about the display. The latest announcement from the company is that OnePlus 7 Pro’s advanced display is also HDR10+ certified. The company has also partnered with popular video streaming websites, YouTube and Netflix, to bring HD content that is custom-made for HDR10 viewing.

The display has been already certified A+ rating by Displaymate. It is also ‘Safety for Eyes’ certified by VDE. On the specs front, it would be a 6.7-inch 2k (3120×1440 pixel resolution) panel that flaunts 19.5:9 aspect ratio, curved side edges, and a 90Hz refresh rate.

HDR10+: Why does it matter?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a display standard that delivers the ability to project bright highlights and dark shadows accurately. In turn, you could immerse into a wide gamut of colors on your smartphone display.

OnePlus claims a massive improvement on the display front as the supported HDR+ could produce a max 4000 nits of peak brightness. They further add that this would be a massive increase of 3,000 nits compared to HDR10 standard. That does not mean that OnePlus 7 Pro display will be 4000 Nits bright, though (to put things in perspective, the Galaxy S10 maxes out at around 1250 Nits).

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HDR10+ is an open format and therefore manufacturers and content producers could use it license or royalty-free. They could also easily attain quality benchmark set by HDR10+ certification and logo program.

OnePlus 7 Pro Display

OnePlus-7 Pro

HDR10+ is currently available on a selected few TVs and smartphones due to its high technical requirements for production. OnePlus 7 Pro would join the ranks of the very few devices that support HDR10+. Furthermore, the upcoming OnePlus is expected to arrive with plenty of flagship features.

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“We are proud to have reached a cooperation with YouTube and Netflix to provide users with the ability to watch videos in HDR10, which will greatly enhance the viewing experience due to clearer details and higher dynamic range.” “HDR10+ is the future of not just television displays, but also smartphone displays as well. We hope that our newest device will set a new benchmark for the smartphone industry and open up a new world of visual fluidity for users. We’re glad we are leading the ranks in sharing quality technology with the world.” says OnePlus CEO Pete Lau.



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