OnePlus will launch its next flagship killer very soon and the piece-by-piece unveiling of the phone has already started. OnePlus already revealed that the 6T will have an in-display fingerprint sensor and that the 6T will ditch the 3.5mm audio jack.

There were rumors that the space freed up by shifting the fingerprint sensor to the front could be used to accommodate a third rear camera, but a new leak from reliable handle @rquandt says otherwise.

Unlike a few murmurings that we heard, the OnePlus will continue its association with Amazon. The OnePlus 6T coming soon teaser is already live on Amazon India.

The OnePlus 6T will look pretty much the same as the 6 from the rear sans the fingerprint sensor. Adding in-display fingerprint sensor will also make it a hair thicker.

Lack of triple rear cameras makes sense as that would have been a major change, the kind OnePlus doesn’t resort to in its yearly cycle. Besides, the dual cameras on the 6T already feel underutilized.

Other than that, the 6T will most likely have the same performance hardware as the 6.

We are naturally quite excited about the upcoming 6T. Our experience with the 6 was very gratifying and we kind of liked it even better after using it as our primary phone for a few months. We’d like to see if the in-display fingerprint sensor on the 6T can match the speed benchmarks set by OnePlus. We are also curious to know how well a jack-less OnePlus pone would be received in India.

Of course, until we eventually reach the launch day (which is rumored to be on October 17), leaks will keep pouring in. Let’s wait and watch.


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