The Most expensive OnePlus 6 variant this year is Avengers edition that follows the StarWars edition OnePlus launched for its fans last year. The new and grand limited edition device is quite ambitious and tries to match up to the spirits of the triumphant superhero saga, the Avengers: Infinity War.

Essentially it’s about a thrilling box packaging, a few design changes, and more power. But will it connect to the Avengers fan in you? Let’s discuss.

OnePlus 6 Marvels Avengers Edition Box Content:

The packaging is quite exciting, more so if you compare it against the minimal white box of the regular edition.

The wide box has an Avengers logo on top and the first thing that greets you when you remove the lid is the special edition Phone. Moving further, the box opens like a book and you will be greeted with the regular dash charger and cable on the right side, and Avengers goodies on the left.

There’s an Avengers card, a superhero suit for the phone (the iron man case), and a medallion with OnePlus and Avengers logo inscribed on it.

OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 6 Marvels Avengers Infinity War Edition: What’s different?

The back panel of the OnePlus 6 has the carbon-pattern inspired by a popular case cover that OnePlus community adores. While this makes the phone look different, maybe in a good way, this isn’t something you can link to Avengers. In comparison, the white Sandstone finish for Star Wars edition was a better fit.

There is also a gold-color Avengers logo and a matching OnePlus logo on the rear. The Alert slider, which has now been shifted on the left edge, also has a Gold color accent – all inspired by the Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.

On the Inside, you will get a bunch of Avengers Wallpapers, and a special Avengers Theme that adds a Golden accent color to the UI.

The major attraction, however, should be the Iron Man case. The case is protective, sturdy, and yet comfortable to hold. This suit certainly appeals to the Avengers fan in us. However, the fact that you can buy it separately for any variant from the OnePlus store takes away from the spirit of the limited edition device.

Of course, one concrete benefit you get for the extra money you’ll pay is the 256GB of storage space. Considering the price difference between the 128GB and 256GB two models is 3,500 INR if you factor in the price of the case, It makes sense for heavy users to upgrade.

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And yes, each phone comes with a medallion. There are 6 of these that combine to complete the Avengers logo (Each with a unique superhero inscription). Regrouping Avengers won’t be easy but OnePlus forums are quite active and I can imagine it will be fun for fans to pool resources and complete the task. For those who are successful, there will be a reward. OnePlus hasn’t specified what the reward will be, though.

OnePlus 6 Marvels Avengers Edition Photo Gallery

OnePlus 6 Marvels Avengers Edition Review

The OnePlus 6 Marvels Avengers Edition feels a little less exciting than the StarWars edition to us, but we have come across quite a few people who were enamored by its looks. Avengers fans are bound to have polarized reactions, and it’s for you to decide if you want one. If you are a heavy user, the assurance of 256GB storage should be an added bonus.

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