Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has started the incremental roll-out of the OxygenOS 4.0.3 in it latest offering, the hugely popular flagship OnePlus 3T.

Like always, the update will roll out in phases and if you haven’t got it yet, you will within the next couple of weeks.

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By the looks of it, the OxygenOS 4.0.3 update is more or less inclined towards optimization and fixing known issues.

Seemingly, the team of engineers behind the purported update have fixed crashes for Line, increased the stability of the phone’s camera app and updated APN setting for select carriers as well.

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Along with that, there’s a new Wi-Fi IPv6 Support toggle that the users can toy with. Also, the update comes with improved Audio parameters and improved audio recording quality.


The update will also add the Amazon Prime App (Prime videos?) for OnePlus 3T users. Other than that, OnePlus was also expected to stop rigging benchmark apps with this update, but we are not yet sure if anything has changed on that front.

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The following are the highlights of the changelog pertaining to the OxygenOS 4.0.3 –

  • Added Wi-Fi IPv6 Support toggle
  • Optimized Smart Wi-Fi Switcher, if turned on, device will switch to data connection if Wi-Fi signal is consistently poor
  • Fixed crashes for Line
  • Increased stability of the Camera app
  • Optimized exposure when taking night time photos
  • Updated Audio Parameters and improved the quality of audio recordings
  • Updated APN settings for select carriers
  • Amazon Prime App will be pre-installed for India Users’

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Along with that, the bugs and their respective fixes have been stated as:

  • If you experience frequent WiFi disconnections, please go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Configure WiFi (Top right hand corner) > Scroll to bottom of the page and check the IP address format (IPv4 = Single line, IPv6 = Multiple lines)> If the IP address is IPv6 based, then turn off the IPv6 Support toggle and see if the disconnections stop.
  • If you experience frequent WiFi disconnections due to switches between WiFi and data, please try turning off the Smart Wi-Fi Switcher at Settings > Wi-Fi > Configure WiFi and see if the disconnections stop


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