OnePlus has been in the news for the past month, mainly for the 6T launch. This phone is expected to garner more attention in the United States this time around because of the new tie-ups with carriers like T-mobile and Verizon. This can possibly change the fate of the phone in the US where most of the mobile purchases are made on a contract basis.

With dust related to the launch of OnePlus 6T settled, the company is back to improving its main selling point, its software. OnePlus is well known for its timely updates and for bringing meaningful features ahead of other smartphone companies. Now, OnePlus has pushed the Open Beta 7 update for OnePlus 6 devices and there are a couple of interesting features to talk about.

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OxygenOS Open Beta 7 Features

People who are aware of Google’s Project Fi might be familiar with how a network with sim card works. Now, OnePlus has launched its own global roaming feature called OnePlus Roaming. This Roaming feature lets you surf the internet without a local sim card in almost all the countries. This feature is basically like accessing a network with a virtual sim card. Each country/region will have its own tariffs and you need to purchase it to use this network roaming feature. One catch here is that we can use this network only to access data i.e, we cannot make direct calls on this network. However, with the advent of calling feature in applications like Whatsapp and Messenger, this shouldn’t be a big hurdle. This feature can be accessed in the Settings under the WiFi & Internet section.

The other new feature present in this Beta version is the Video Enhancer feature. With this feature, the colours are enhanced for better video watching experience. This can be enabled from the Display Settings. These features are not yet available for the OnePlus 6T but we can expect them to be there in the first software update that OnePlus 6T receives.

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You can find the file from the Beta Build option in this link for Local Upgrade. But if you are not accustomed to switching Software on your phone, we’d recommend that you wait for the stable update roll out.


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