Google has unveiled its new AI call screening feature during the launch of Google Pixel 3. Now, Google seems to be all set to push this interesting feature to previous generation Pixel phones.

To recall, Google launched Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL earlier last month which apart from the alleged industry-leading camera has a number of novel features including the call screening feature.

Call Screening Feature

This call screening feature allows Pixel users to send any call for call screening where an AI assistant takes the call for you and enquires the caller for the reason behind the call. The speech of the caller is interpreted and translated to words and displayed on the screen for the user to read. The user can take a decision on whether he wants to take the call or if he wants to further enquire the caller for more information. The assistant can also intimate the caller to call later if the user wishes to take it later. This feature particularly helps in curbing the spam calls.

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There has been a complaint that when the assistant picks up a call, users can read the contents of the call only during the call and there is no provision to store the call log once the call is completed. However, a Call Screen product manager from Google has confirmed that they are working on it and it is expected to reach devices by the end of this year. All the cal transcripts will be automatically saved to the call logs after the call ends. This feature will be available for public Beta testers first before making its debut in all Pixel 3 phones.

The call screening feature is going to be out for Pixel 2 and 2XL very soon and make sure you keep checking your phone for trying this cool new feature.


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