Nvidia has announced three new GPUs for the affordable gaming laptops range. The addition of these new GPUs has added more laptops to the RTX as well as the GeForce MX series. They are expected to power almost all the entry-level laptops that will come out in 2022. The 3 new GPUs are the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050, The GeForce MX580, and the GeForce MX550. Let us read more about all three of them.

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GeForce MX570, MX550

Nvidia has launched GeForce MX550 and MX570 GPUs and claims that MX570 is the fastest to date in the MX series. Both the GPUs are said to give better performance in all areas like clock speeds, memory bandwidth, and more.

The other specs of these GPUs aren’t revealed yet but they are expected to be based on the new Ampere architecture.

GeForce RTX 2050

Nvidia GeForce RTX2050

This one will be an addition to the RTX20 series by Nvidia and it is claimed to have a CUDA core of 2048, which is much higher than the RTX 2060 having 1920 as CUDA cores. It has received a boosted clock speed of up to 1,477MHz and comes with 4GB GDDR6 VRAM. It has a memory bandwidth of up to 112GB/s and comes with 45W TGP support. Features like Ray Tracing, Nvidia DLSS are also present.

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New GPUs Availability

Although nothing has been announced about their availability officially, we can safely assume that the new GPUs will hit the market only after CES 2022. By spring 2022, these GPUs are expected to be powering entry-level laptops, including gaming and mainstream devices.



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