Marvel’s latest offering Spider-Man: No Way Home is out in theatres in India and the audience of all age groups has been loving the movie. Now, to celebrate the return of our favorite superhero, Battlegrounds Mobile India has hinted at a possible crossover between the two. A new picture shared on BGMI’s Facebook and Twitter account shows the iconic helmet covered in web cobs- something Spidey likes to throw around.

The collaboration between BGMI and Spider-Man is coming soon, but the exact timeline is not clear as of now. The odds of BGMI getting new items with curation based on the movie are very high. This is because PUBG Mobile recently teased this crossover. It can be considered more than teasing.

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This is because PUBG has shared a poster featuring both Spider-Man and the helmet donned character in a white shirt and grey trousers. One half of this poster shows NYC buildings where our superhero likes to swing, while the other half shows the Erangel map with players dropping onto the field using parachutes. The best part is the tagline saying, “Swing into Spider-Man Zone,” complemented by the phrase “Welcome to the multiverse”.

PUBG shared the poster with a tagline

If we had to analyze this tagline, then we could see a lot of swinging action in the game. Players could see swinging machines, if not the ability to throw webs. This can completely change the way of playing PUBG or BGMI as we could also see Spider-Man’s enemies in the game- in a Virus Infection Mode Style. Some exclusive rewards are also expected for the players of the upcoming crossover. For now, details about this crossover are limited, but it will be interesting to see how and when this collab would pan out.

Interestingly, this is not the first time, BGMI has done this crossover thing. Earlier it had collaborated with Arcane during the release of Netflix’s League of Legends. As a part of this crossover, Krafton has added Mirror World Theme mode in BGMI. The game underwent a major transformation in this collaboration. Something similar can be expected in the case of collaboration with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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In other news, BGMI said it has banned over 142,000 players between December 6 and December 12 as a part of the sanitization of illegal accounts. The company says that the banned accounts were found using illegal programs. Krafton manages to find over 100,000 accounts every week and it said it will continue to crack down on such accounts as a part of its anti-cheating campaign.


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