Nokia 3310 New Vs. Nokia 3310 Old

Remember the classic Nokia 3310 that we all had at some point of time in our life?

Yes, that one.

Well, Nokia (HMD Global, rather) has done a nice job, hurling it back into the spotlight eons (17 years to be precise) after it first came out, albeit with some tinkering. To what extent, you ask? Let us tell you.

We pitted the original 3310 against the newer, refurbished one and here’s what we noticed:


First and foremost, the 2017 version of the 3310 heavily borrows its design from its yesteryear counterpart. That includes a very similar keypad, a body made of plastic and three physical buttons on the front.

But that is where the similarity ends. The newer model has a directional pad in the center, surrounded by two keys for picking up and ending the call(s).

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Also, the 2017 one has comparatively softer edges and rounder edges whereas the older one came with a rather stiff cuboidal frame.

Plus point: With the re-introduced model, you get to choose between four colors (which come with a glossy finish), as opposed to the now ‘historic’ dull gray and blue hues that the earlier one offered.



As far the display is concerned, Nokia has (thankfully?) opted for a colored QWVGA display for the 2107 version.

The one that came out in the early 2000s, on the other hand, had a black and white display (but we did not have a problem with it then).

The revamped version also sports a polarized layer on the top, which is there to ensure a better legibility outdoors.

Camera, Storage and Multimedia

These aspects are where the differences between the two models show up big time. The newer 3310 features a sea change in this context but hey, we ain’t complaining.


Since phones featuring a camera were a rarity in the 2000s, the original 3310 did not feature a camera at all whilst its 2017 peer has a 2MP camera on the back, which comes with a flash unit in tow.

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Coming to storage capacity, the older one was restricted to a meager 2,00 entries in the phonebook. On the flip side, the revamped one has been provided a 16GB built in ROM, which can be extended to 32GB via external sources.


Let me take you on a trip down the memory lane – the Snake II game (already tearing up). Even with the monochromatic display that the original 3310 offered, we could still play it day and day out.

The newer variant of the phone has a revamped version of the game with better graphics, gameplay and smoother animations.

Battery, Connectivity and Price

We won’t be doing justice if we do not talk about the battery of the 3110 (or any other Nokia phone for that matter) – old and new.

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The previous one had a 960mAh power unit with an official standby time of 260 hours (Insane? No, just Nokia).


Taking a cue from its predecessor, the newer one has a 1,200mAh battery that boasts of a month long standby time.

On the connectivity front, the 2017 3310 offers 2.5G connectivity with additional support for Bluetooth 3.0 while the older one…um..lets just keep it at that.

Also, the newer version has the Opera Mini Web browser pre-installed while it would be hilarious to even think of something similar to that in the older one (you could make customized ringtones though, how cool is that?)

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The original model had a hefty asking price (Rs. 10,740) at the time of its launch but the newer one has been priced reasonably and will set you back by Rs. 3,500.

For those wanting to have a quick look, thank us later:



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