China-based electronics company Meizu has come up with a ‘Super mCharge’ fast charging technology, which, it claims, can charge a 3,000mAh battery to its full capacity in mere 20 minutes.

The company unveiled the technology at the ongoing Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona.

Further, Meizu has boasted that its new technology can easily top the likes of VOOC (brought out by Oppo) as well as Quick Charge (a Qualcomm product) in terms of speed.

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At the MWC, it showcased the Super mCharge tech on a smartphone which had 3,300mAh battery wherein it charged the said phone to 30% of its full capacity in a 5 minute time window, getting to 85% in fifteen minutes and finally its full capacity in 20 minutes of time.


According to the company, the tech is safe and secure whilst at the same time being energy and time (quite visibly) efficient.

Also, it said that it would be easy on the charging device too, allowing it to cool down and coming in with a maximum temperature of 39-degrees.

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Drawing comparisons with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones, the company claimed that their latest technology is 11 times faster than the charging capability of the former and around 3.5 times quicker than the latter’s fast charging services.

Meizunewtech SmartPrix

The Super mCharge technology is expected to appear in Meizu’s upcoming flagship phone, although the company failed to throw light as to when these devices would be available.


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