Moecen by Honor Choice CE79 TWS Earphones review

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Moecen recently introduced Honor Choice CE79 TWS earphones on Flipkart priced at Rs. 2,999. These are manufactured by Cosonic and also retail as Moecen X1 in select market. (Moecen Honor Choice CE79 TWS Review हिंदी में पढ़िए)

There are plenty of entry-grade options available as of today, but very few manage to strike that balance between value and quality. Are the Honor Choice CE79 good enough for us to recommend in the affordable segment? Let’s answer that and more in our Honor Choice CE79 TWS earphones review.

Moecen Honor Choice TWS review: Price and Specifications 

Product  MOECEN by Honor Choice CE79
Driver 7mm dynamic driver 
Buds weight  4.3 grams each
Charging port USB Type-C
Battery  55mAh (buds); 500mAh case
Rated backup: 6 hours on a full charge, 18 hours including case
Connectivity  Bluetooth 5.0 (SBC and AAC)
Microphone Dual mic noise cancellation 
Water resistance  IP54
Price INR 2,999 
Warranty 6 months

Moecen Honor Choice TWS review: Unboxing

These earbuds come in elegant packaging and contents include: 

  • Charging case and buds
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Set of silicone ear tips
  • User guide and documentation 

Moecen Honor Choice TWS review: Design and comfort 

These headphones are clearly inspired by Apple’s AirPod Pro when it comes to design and that kind of works because they are extremely comfortable to wear even over a long duration. That’s also because the buds are quite light, weighing just 4.3 grams each. 

There are two microphones and LED indicators on each bud. There is also IP54 water resistance that assures protection against accidental splashes and sweat. The grip isn’t assuringly tight and they did fall off during one of our morning brisk walk sessions.

Moving on to the case, we are glad that the charging port on the case is USB Type-C. The hinge seems sturdy and the lid shuts with a very gratifying snap. The top and bottom surfaces are flat, which makes it easy to place the case on a tabletop or any flat surface.

There is no dedicated button on the case to put these buds in pairing mode. You can press and hold on the flat surface of both the left and right buds simultaneously to put these in pairing mode. 

Users may also control music playback using touch gestures. Double-tap on either buds is mapped to play/pause or for answering or disconnecting calls. You can long-press on the left bud to go back to the previous track and long press on the right bud to jump to the next track.

Glossy plastic is the primary construction material here for both the case and the buds. However, the quality doesn’t feel flimsy and there’s a fair amount of scratch resistance.

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Moecen Honor Choice TWS review: Battery, connectivity, and call-quality

Each bud has a 55mAh battery and they lasted for around 4.5 hours of mixed in our testing. The wireless charging case packs a 500mAh battery and can charge these buds at least twice over.  It takes 1.5 hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent. So overall the battery mileage is certainly above average when compared to other decent TWS options under 5K.

Call quality is where many affordable buds falter, but not the Honor Choice Moecen X1 CE79. Actually, these perform remarkably well. Calls were clearly audible on both ends even in noisy ambiance. 

You will have to pair these manually, which is perfectly fine considering the price. We didn’t face any issues pairing and repairing these with multiple devices. These earphones transmit using Bluetooth 5.0 (AAC and SBS) and we didn’t face any connection drops over the regular 10m Bluetooth range. 

Moecen Honor Choice TWS review: Sound Quality

The Honor Choice earbuds have 7mm driver and sound quite decent for their price. They obviously can’t pick nuances and details like the high-end TWS headphones do, but when compared to the likes of Realme Buds Air Pro and Oppo Enco W51, they do stand their ground rather well. 

These earphones get reasonably loud and the emphasis is on mids. We could distinguish sound from different instruments and the vocals were clear. We did notice some masking and lower mid-range sounds like finger-snapping and echo sounded muffled. The bass line is reproduced well and the bass attack in songs like Mason Eight oh eight sounds impactful. Sub-bass notes lack that impact, but that’s perfectly understandable for TWS headphones priced under 5K.

Once again, considering the price, the highs are handled reasonably well. Cymbals and high hats in Billy Joel’s Zanzibar felt about right for budget earphones. Honor doesn’t add any low-latency game mode, but latency was acceptable while gaming.

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Moecen Honor Choice TWS review Verdict – should you buy them?

Moecen by Honor Choice CE79 headphones provide great value for their price. The major draw of Affordable TWS earphones is the convenience they offer and to that effect, these Honor Choice Buds deliver.

They are comfortable to wear, music playback gestures work reliably, and the call quality is pretty good. As for sound quality, these buds do have their shortcomings but they can still match up to other affordable options in this price segment. So, overall, we can recommend these as a good buy. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • Elegant design 
  • Call quality is very good



  • Not suitable for wearing during workouts 


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