Microsoft shows its love for open source by joining OpenChain project that aims to make open source license compliance simpler. The tech-conglomerate becomes a platinum member of the OpenChain Project. It shares the camp with the likes of Uber, Google, and Facebook, who joined OpenChain last month.

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Joining the open source platform has its advantages from licenses to code to the community. Yes, we agree that open source is awesome and you might consider consuming, publishing, collaborating on, or supporting open source for plenty of reasons.

On this decision, Microsoft’s Assistant General Counsel David Rudin said, “A key part of doing open source right is being able to trust that the code you receive complies with its open source licenses. It’s a deceptively hard problem and one that Microsoft is working with the community to address. Our goal is to work even more closely with the OpenChain community to create the standards that will bring even greater trust to the open source ecosystem and that will work for everyone – from individual developers to the largest enterprises.”


What is OpenChain?


OpenChain was set up with an aim to resolve licensing issues and confusions, which are a headache for business’ legal team. It provides a specification, as well as the processes, policies and trains companies to manage their open source license compliance.

Thanks to OpenChain Project, Companies get assurances that the open source software they use complies with the rules that govern its use, thereby preventing potential litigation issues.

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Microsoft had acquired GitHub, the world’s leading open-source software development platform. There are reports on Microsoft edge adopting open-source Chromium as the base for its Edge browser. The company which was once stagnant in innovation and other policies aims to turn a leaf with this new path.

This will provide customers with more choice when it comes to the software they use.


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