The entry of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara has waved the heat around the midsize SUV segment in India. Also, the hybrid offering of the new Grand Vitara, somewhere, put the SUV atop the list among its rivals alongside its other counterpart i.e. Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Developed on the same Suzuki’s Global C platform, both the SUVs have the capability to run on EV mode in their strong hybrid model.

Although, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara will see close competition against SUVs including Toyota Hyryder, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, MG Astor, Skoda Kushaq, Nissan Kicks, and Volkswagen Taigun. We have prepared a comparison guide to see where Grand Vitara stands among its rivals in terms of dimension, engine variants, and fuel efficiency. 

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara vs rivals: Dimension

ModelMaruti Grand VitaraToyota HyryderHyundai CretaKia SeltosMG AstorSkoda KushaqNisan KicksVolkswagen Tiguan
Length (mm)43454365430043154323422543844221
Width (mm)17951795179018001809176018131760
Height (mm)16451635163516451650161216691612
Wheelbase (mm)26002600261026102585265126732651
Wheels (inch)1717171717171717

While all the participating SUVs ride on 17-inch wheels, the Maruti Grand Vitara with a length of 4345mm ranks third after Toyota Hyryder and Nissan Kicks when it comes to the longest SUV. Comparing the height and width of the SUVs, Grand Vitara lies in the middle while Kicks is longer and wider. 

Both Vitara and Hyryder feature the same width and wheelbase dimensions. Though the wheelbase of Kicks is longest at 2673mm while MG Astor got the smallest 2585mm wheelbase. 

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Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara vs rivals: Engine and Transmission

ModelMaruti Grand VitaraToyota HyryderHyundai CretaKia SeltosMG AstorSkoda KushaqNisan KicksVolkswagen Tiguan
Type4 cyls NA mild hybrid/ 3 cyls NA strong hybrid4 cyls NA mild hybrid/ 3 cyls NA strong hybrid4 cyls NA/ 4 cyls Turbo4 cyls NA/ 4 cyls Turbo4 cyls NA/ 4 cyls Turbo3 cyls Turbo/ 4 cyls Turbo4 cyls NA/ 4 cyls Turbo3 cyls Turbo/ 4 cyls Turbo
Displacement1462cc/ 1490cc1462cc/ 1490cc1497cc/ 1353cc1497cc/ 1353cc1498cc/ 1349cc999cc/ 1498cc1498cc/ 1330cc999cc/ 1498cc
Power103hp/ 115hp103hp/ 115hp115hp/ 140hp115hp/ 140hp110hp/ 140hp115hp/ 150hp106hp/ 156hp115hp/ 150hp
Torque135Nm/ 141Nm135Nm/ 141Nm144Nm/ 242Nm144Nm/ 242Nm144Nm/ 220Nm178Nm/ 250Nm142Nm/ 245Nm178Nm/ 250Nm
MT gearbox5-speed/ –5-speed/ –6-speed/ –6-speed/ 6-speed5-speed/ –6-speed/ 6-speed6-speed/ 6-speed6-speed/ 6-speed
AT gearbox6-speed torque converter/ e-drive transmission6-speed torque converter/ e-drive transmissionCVT/ 7-speed DCTCVT/ 7-speed DCTCVT/ 6-speed torque converter6-speed torque converter/ 7-speed DSG–/ CVT6-speed torque converter/ 7-speed DSG

Among the eight SUV competitors, Grand Vitara and Hyryder are the only SUVs offering hybrid powertrains with their top-end petrol engines. Though they produce the lowest amount of power and torque output against the 156hp power of Kicks and 250Nm torque of Kushaq and Taigun. All the SUVs are powered by naturally aspirated petrol units while Kushaq and Taigun sport turbo-petrol mills. Creta and Seltos are also available in diesel variants. 

For manual transmission, Grand Vitara, Hyryder, and Astor make use of a 5-speed gearbox while others offer 6-speed transmissions. But for automatic transmission, each SUV gets a combination of torque converters, DCT, and CVT gearboxes. Notably, it’s only Grand Vitara and Hyryder that offer electric gearboxes with their strong hybrid models.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara vs rivals: Fuel Mileage

ModelGrand Vitara*Hyryder*CretaSeltosAstorKushaqKicksTaigun
MT gearbox21.12kmpl/ 19.39kmpl (AWD)/ –21.12kmpl/ 19.39kmpl (AWD)/ –16.8kmpl/ –16.5kmpl/ 16.1kmplNA19.20kmpl/ 17.95kmpl13.9kpl/ 15.8kpl19.20kpl/ 18.47
AT gearbox20.58kmpl/ 27.97kmpl20.58kmpl/ 27.97 kmpl17.1 kmpl/ 16.8kmpl16.8kpl/ 16.5kmplNA17.20kmpl/ 17.70kmpl–/ 15.8kpl (approx)17.23kpl/ 17.88kpl
*Based on the company’s internal testing

Now comes the turn of the most fundamental parameter affecting the purchase of a vehicle – fuel efficiency. With the records on paper, strong hybrid models of Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Hyryder are the winners offering a claimed mileage of 27.97kmpl. But there’s a catch since both of the SUVs are still awaiting to make on roads for real-time testing. 

While the mild hybrid variants of the two siblings registered a fuel efficiency of 21.12kmpl based on the internal testing. The trailing SUVs are Taigun, Kushaq, Creta, Seltos, and Kicks at the least. Astor’s economy rate has not yet been revealed by the maker.

Who should buy what?

Who should buy Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and Kia Seltos?

If mileage is the most important aspect for you, in that case, you can buy Maruti Grand Vitara or Toyota Hyryder as both are based on the same hybrid platforms and offer similar performance and mileage.

Who should buy Hyundai Creta or Kia Seltos?

If you are someone who gets excited with the features like paranomic sunroof, heads-display and other flaunt-worthy features, you won’t go wrong with Creta or Seltos. MG Aster also scores well in this regard.

Who should buy MG Aster?

If connected tech and ADAS system is important for you then get yourself an MG Aster.

Who should buy a Skoda Kushaq or Volkswagen Tiguan?

Well, if sold build, driving pleasure and comfort means a lot to you, in that case, you should not look beyond these German manufacturer’s made in India cars. Both these cars are made on the MQB-IN platform and offer excellent millage-to-performance ratio.


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