Mahindra Announces Recall for 1.1 Lakh XUV700 and XUV400 Vehicles to Ensure Safety

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Mahindra is an Indian car manufacturer who has gain a huge name in the automobile segment across the globe. The company is known for offering a wide range of cars for almost all the segments. XUV700 and XUV400 are two such car series which has gained a huge traction in the Indian and global market and witness massive sales number.

Amidst rising sales figures, the specter of vehicle recalls looms, and even Mahindra, a reputable automotive company, isn’t exempt from such occurrences. Recent quality assessments have resulted in the recall of a staggering 1.1 lakh units, comprising 1,08,306 XUV700 and 3,560 XUV400 vehicles. This recall is being executed in alignment with the “Voluntary Code on Vehicle Recall.” Let’s delve deeper into the details of this significant development.

Mahindra XUV700 and XUV400 Recall

In the history of the XUV700, there have been prior instances of recalls, highlighting Mahindra’s dedication to ensuring customer safety. However, the XUV400 is facing its first recall since its introduction. Mahindra’s commitment to safety is underscored by this recall, which applies to vehicles manufactured between June 8, 2021, and June 28, 2023, for the XUV700.

It’s worth noting that the XUV700 was launched in October 2021, meaning that nearly all XUV700s sold to date are encompassed by this recall. The primary objective of this recall for the XUV700 is to address the potential risk of an abrasion cut occurring in the wiring loom, which could lead to elevated heat levels within the wiring harness due to excessive current draw.

While the exact specifics of the rectification process remain undisclosed, Mahindra is actively reaching out to owners of the affected vehicles as part of their proactive approach. The inspection procedure entails a comprehensive assessment to identify any damage or malfunctions, followed by appropriate measures to address and rectify the components as needed. This may include the installation of a new wiring harness in areas with damage or the application of protective sleeves to safeguard the affected regions.

Mahindra’s commitment to ensuring a hassle-free experience extends to its communication strategy. The company is diligently communicating with XUV700 and XUV400 owners to apprise them of the issue and the subsequent actions being taken. It’s important to note that some instances involving the Mahindra XUV400 have presented unique challenges for their respective owners. Moreover, a recent incident involving a fire hazard in an XUV700 was linked to an electrical short circuit. In this specific case, Mahindra identified the presence of multiple aftermarket accessories as contributing factors.

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