LG, a popular consumer durable brand, has strengthened its TV portfolio in India with the launch 25 new AI enabled TVs that include OLEDs, Super UHDs, UHDs and smart TVs. LG’s entire range of 2018 will be powered by ThinQ AI which benefits from latest Web OS that integrates Google Assitant voice recognition.

LG’s 2018 TV line-up comes preinstalled with 800+ commands that work even without internet connection. The TVs uses the Magic Remote microphone to catch commands and trigger the search.

LG OLED E8, OLED C8, OLED B8 Features and Specifications

The biggest highlight of the today’s launch is the range of ThinQ AI OLED TVs. LG is offering these ThinQ AI OLED TV under B8, C8 and E8 series where E8 is the costliest. LG is using α9 (Alpha 9) intelligent processor in its OLED TVs which, as per the company, ensures accurate colors, more realistic and improved image renderings from virtually any viewing angle.

The new age LG OLEDs supports an almost full palette of HDR, including Dolby Vision, advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro. In its effort to bring a true cinematic experience to homes, LG is offering Dolby Atmos in the entire range of OLED TVs.

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LG claims that its α9 processor supports high frame rate (HFR) up to 120 frames per second which results in better rendering sports and action content with smoother and clearer motion. 

The signature C8 and E8 series will be available from 65-inches to 77-inches while B8 series starts from 55-inches. The starting price of LG 2018 ThinQ OLED TVs in India is about Rs 2.75 lakhs (approx) onwards.

LG Super UHD, UHD and Smart TVs

Among the 25 newly launched LG TVs is also included a 2018 Super Ultra HD TVs line up which comes with Nano Cell technology along with Full array dimming backlighting and the α7 (Alpha7) processor.

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LG’s claims that its full array dimming technology enhances black levels by controlling LED light zones independently. What it does is improves shadow details and enhances contrast and picture quality by preventing light bleeding. The Nano Cell Display ensures a billion lifelike colors, which are about 64 times more saturated than what you get on conventional TVs.


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