We already know Lenovo’s all-screen-phone Z5 will have a staggering screen-to-body ratio of more than 95 percent and a gradient glass body, but we have still been waiting to hear how the Chinese smartphone maker will tackle the selfie camera conundrum.

A new set of leaked renders have the answer. Lenovo will be mounting selfie camera and other sensors on the chin right below the screen. This the same approach that Xiaomi takes with its Mi Mix-series phones.

In our opinion, the selfie camera location is far from ideal because to invert your phones every time you wish to shoot a selfie can be thoroughly annoying. The only phone that has been able to work its way around the problem in Vivo Apex that has a retractable selfie camera. The phone will soon hit mass production and is expected to launch as Vivo Nex.

As for the chin, OnePlus explained a while back why it’s almost impossible to eliminate without making the phone thicker and more expensive. iPhone does it using a plastic OLED panel and bending the screen backward.

The Z5 surely looks like an innovative phone that could pull Lenovo out of its slump.

Lenovo Group’s Vice President, Chang Cheng, has been actively teasing the phone on Weibo. The teasers reveal that the Lenovo Z5 will include high-end hardware. It will have Google Camera with AI, the latest Snapdragon 845 octa-core chipset, and whooping 4TB of storage space. According to Cheng, the battery will last for 45 days on standby and users will be able to leach 30 minutes of talk time even on zero percent battery.



  1. The Lenovo Z5 selfie camera is chin below the display as it is one of the great feature providing company Lenovo for all the users who are much more fascinated to use selfie cameras.


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