The Smartphone market moves at such a rapid pace that a couple of dud months feels like years. LeEco will be hosting its next big ticket event tomorrow at iconic Mehboob studio, where the Chinese content giant will play its next move. The LeEco has chosen iconic Mahmood Studio as the venue of this hold its Supertainment event. Here’s what to expect from this LeEco extravaganza:


Bringing Entertainment Ecosystems

In its home county, LeEco is renowned for its entertainment content services. Some people call it YouTube of China, others call them Netflix of China. Content services lie at the heart of LeEco’s revenue model and the rest are just means to that end. From the very first day, the company has been upbeat about its entertainment content and has been pushing its devices at cost to use them as a platform to deliver the content. We already know that LeEco has an understanding with Eros Now and Yupp TV which they announced at the Le 1s (review) and Le Max launch event.


As per the rumors, the company is now ready to go live with their content services in India. The content will be delivered via “Levidi” app which they introduced on the last OTA update (offline update guidebook) on their devices. On this Supertainment event, the company could also announce about their alleged deal with Disney which will further boost their entertainment portfolio. Just to remind you, Disney also has a majority stake in UTV Motion Pitcures (also known as UTV Disney) which will help LeEco offer both Hollywood and indigenous content including Bollywood and regional movies on its platform.


An ‘India-Specific’ phone

There are rumors, LeEco is also launching a smartphone which is tailor made for India. This India specific phone is likely to be priced below Le 1s which continues to do well for the company. The new smartphone in all probability will be priced at around Rs. 10,000 which makes it a mass phone that will help LeEco deliver its content services to a wider section of society.

Le 2

Nope, the new Superphones are not coming

There are false rumors floating in tech corridors  that claim LeEco is going to unveil Le 2, Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2 in India. Content services will take center-stage tomorrow. The new superphones are likely to arrive in India sooner rather than later, but not tomorrow.

We will be present on the ground tomorrow and update you with all that’s interesting from the ground zero. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for prompt updates and announcements.



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