We write this Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ review at a time when the entire country is going through a severe health emergency. The Air Quality Index of the Air outdoors is plastered everywhere in news bulletins, but when something as fundamental as clean air is crisis, you might want a better grasp of the situation. The Laser Egg 2+ is a simple air quality monitor that lets you objectively measure and analyze the air quality indoors or immediately around you. (Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ Review हिंदी में पढ़िए)

In such a hostile environment as New Delhi, this little egg could initially feel superfluous – after all, what good would be putting a number to our miseries? – but around two weeks of time that we have spent with the gadget has taught us otherwise. We will share our experience in the review that follows. 

Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ Price in India

In India the Laser Egg 2+ costs Rs. 12,995 and can be purchased online via Amazon. Box content include:

  • Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+
  • A USB cable for charging

Laser Egg 2+ Review: Design and Setup

As the name suggested, this is a conical egg-shaped meter that should seamlessly blend in with your home decor. It’s not very solidly built or a thoroughly premium gauge, but considering the limited interaction you need to have with an air quality monitor, the design serves the purpose well. 

The Laser Egg 2+ has a built-in 2200mAh battery that charges via regular MicroUSB port and can last for around 6 hours. This ensures that you can carry this Air Quality Monitor around and measure Air stats in different rooms, in your balcony and even in your car, thus resulting in a more comprehensive understanding. 

The 2.5-inch color display isn’t touch-enabled and you can’t use it to navigate to and fro between different stats. Instead, there are two rickety buttons up top that you may use to cycle through different parameters. There’s also an ‘LCD off’ screen that makes Egg 2+ less distracting on your nightstand. 

For most functions and customizations, including the option to adjust brightness and to get sound alerts, you will have to use the proprietary app.

Setting up the device is simple. Just power on the Laser Egg2+ and download the Kieterra app on your Android or iOS phone. Follow simple instructions, and you are done. 

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Laser Egg 2+ Review: Performance and software

True to its purpose, Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ can lend you a better understanding of the Air around you. Out of the box, the Air Monitor has support for the US and China Air Quality Index, but not for India’s National Air Quality Index. 

Once you change your location in the app, you will get a firmware update that will add support for India AQI. This could take a couple of days, though. It’s of utmost importance for such monitors to be accurate and Kaiterra does local calibration by colocating its Laser Eggs with BAM (Government-owned Beta Attenuation Monitor). This is how the company ensures that its sensors are within ±10% accuracy in Indian conditions. 

While the calibration method sounds very assuring, it’s hard for us to personally put them to test. Having said that, living with this monitor has assured us that it does get the broader picture right and it did help enhance our perception of air quality. 

All readings are color-coded to denote the severity of the situation. Apart from air quality, the Laser Egg 2+ can measure PM2.5 concentration, Temperature and Humidity, Weather Forecast, and TVOC. 

Compared to the Laser Egg 2 that costs 3K lesser, the + variant also has TVOC or Total Volatile Organic Compound measurements, which make it more effective as an indoor air quality monitor. 

VOCs tend to accumulate indoors, particularly in cold weather, when you tend to lock yourself indoors and the outside air isn’t being circulated. It must be kept in mind that not all VOCs are harmful and measuring Total VOC is not a very useful metric of toxicity. 

The Laser Egg 2+ proved quite effective in monitoring whether a particular Air Purifier was doing a good job. We tested it with multiple variants and could discern things like which ones needed filter replacements and which ones were outright better. 

Coupled with the Laser Egge 2+, the Kaiterra app proves to be a very effective Air pollution monitor app where you can see both outdoor and indoor stats neatly stacked in one place. 

The Laser Egg 2+ is also compatible with Apple Homekit and supports IFTTT automation. If you have a Homekit supported Air purifier,  you can automate it to turn on or off based on the Laser Egg 2+ readings. 

Laser Egg 2+ Review: Conclusion

Even when we know that the Air outdoors and indoors is beyond polluted, there are good days and bad days. Living with the Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ has been an eye-opener of sorts and these hard numbers can really jolt you into taking appropriate action. 

There were times when I thought Air was good enough for light cardio, but it wasn’t. There were times when I thought I was safe with my Air Purifier roaring in the background, but I wasn’t. And It cleared my misconception that the indoor garden of sorts that I had planted as a natural countermeasure was giving me a pocket zone of fresh air. Well, too bad. 

Overall, if you need an Air Quality Monitor that’s reliable – because, the ones on home Air Purifiers are mostly not –  you may consider investing in the Laser Egg 2+. 

We can see how this would be efficacious in a professional setup where you might be trying to maintain the air quality of a broader space with multiple Air purifiers at play.  We also frequently used the monitor to decide the most appropriate time for ventilating our home.

For home users, the question remains that how much are they willing to pay to objectively measure air around them? If you have a family member suffering from any breathing ailment or respiratory disorders, the answer to this question comes easy.


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