Reliance Jio has rolled out its video-conferencing platform JioMeet officially for all users. The JioMeet app is finally out of beta and can be used for free by Android, iOS, Windows and Mac users. Jio Platforms is offering it as an insidiously developed and owned alternative to Zoom app. Now, JioMeet app will join the likes of Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and many more who have emerged as an alternative to Zoom app during the Chinese Virus pandemic.

JioMeet: A blow to Zoom App?

The made in India video-conferencing app has all the necessary feature to take on the Zoom App. Since the app is completely free for usage and also it touches on ‘aatm nirbhar bharat’ call made by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it has upper hand over its peers at least on sentiments. The JioMeet app let’s users to connect with up to 100 people for a conference. It has no time limit attached to video call. That also means a person can host a video call on JioMeet with 100 people for 24-hours. It also has features like schedule a meeting, screen sharing for presentation.

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How To Setup JioMeet?

To use Jiomeet one has to sign up with either a mobile number or email ID. Once you enter your details, an invite link will be sent to you. All you need to do is password protect your meeting. Jiomeet also has waiting rooms where you can control attendees by deciding who can enter and who need to wait.

While the app has all the prominent features, we still don’t know if these calls are end-to-end encrypted or not. Jio is also planning to introduce JioMeet Pro at a later stage for enterprise use with features like call recording and better privacy features.

Jio Meet: Indian App for Video Calls [in Hindi]


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