Forget Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams & Facebook Rooms. India’s homegrown video-conferencing app is here! Welcome, JioMeet from Reliance Jio, the country’s biggest telecom giant.

JioMeet “is a platform which has much uniqueness – it actually has an ability to work on any device, any operating system, and it has an ability to do a complete collaboration,” declared Pankaj Pawar, Business Head Jio.

JioMeet: Maximum users, features & supported platforms

JioMeet claims to support up to 100 people at once, although this might be a premium feature. The app’s Google Play Store description states its free tier service is limited to a maximum of only 5 participants at a time.

It will be equipped with features such as HD calling, video call scheduling, etc.

JioMeet’s supported platforms would include –

  • Web browser
  • Apps for Windows & Mac
  • Outlook plugin

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How to use JioMeet on mobile phone

  • First of all, download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and log in using your email ID and password or with OTP.
  • You can even experience it as a guest user. If you choose the Guest option, you will have to enter the username and the meeting ID URL.
  • Next up, you’ll see all the contacts who are on the JioMeet platform. You also get to invite those who are not on the platform.

Although the JioMeet Play Store link is listed on Google, if you click it, you’ll get an “Item Not Found” error. Speaking as of now, you might not find the app within the Google/Apple app store. It’s been removed.

It must be under testing and is expected to release in a phased manner. “We are just a few days away from offering this to all Indians,” says the company.

“Users will be able to leverage this (JioMeet) in the most secure environment and at the same time in a ‘grandma easy’ kind of platform so that anybody and everybody is able to use this,” remarks Mr. Pawar.

This comes at the right time when the entire country is under lockdown and video-calling apps are a great window to the outside world.

Ever since the Indian Government cautioned its citizens from using Zoom, people were hunting for a decent alternative.

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“Zoom is a not a safe platform for use by government officers/officials for official purposes,” warned the Press Bureau of India. The advisory offers guidelines for users who still wish to continue using the app for private conversations.


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