Apple iPhones were today unleashed in India and the Cupertino giant is also offering attractive subsidies in partnership with Reliance Jio that can help reduce the effective cost of the phone. Under the offer, you will get a Rs. 10,000 subsidy using Citi bank cards and you will be able to return your phone after 1 year of usage for a handsome discount of 70 percent.

What is Reliance Jio iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus buyback offer?

  • If you buy iPhones from Reliance Digital, you can enroll for a buyback offer
  • To avail the offer, you will have to opt for a special Rs. 799 plan (pre-paid or postpaid) for one year. Or you can do a Rs. 9999 annual recharge.
  • Under the special plan, you will get 3GB high-speed 4G LTE data per day, Free calls, and other regular Reliance Jio services.
  • After a year, you can return your iPhone for a handsome 70 percent cash back.

But what about the fine print warnings? Well, here are all the hidden terms and conditions that you should know about.

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Citibank Credit Card Offer

Under the offer, you will get a 10,000 INR cashback if you buy iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus using Citibank cards. But, the discount won’t be instant. You will receive the cashback amount after 90 days (3 months). And yes, the Citibank credit card offer will be valid only on September 29.

Buy from Reliance only (even on Amazon)

You will be eligible for the buyback offer, only if you buy from Reliance. The offer says that you can also buy online from Amazon, but you have to make sure that the vendor on Amazon must be Reliance Retail.

You will need My Jio app to enroll

You can only enroll for the offer using the My Jio app on your new iPhone that you bought from Reliance. After you enroll, you will get a voucher code if you are eligible.

You will need to show this voucher code at the time of return.

You will only get a 3-month window to return your iPhone

Your return will only be accepted if you return it between October 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018.

If you are prepaid users, make sure you don’t miss any recharge

If you need to ensure that you subscribe to 799 plan 12 times in the year or else you won’t be eligible for return.

Condition of your phone will matter

To get full return value, you will need to have the original Box, phone in good condition with normal wear and tear, original accessories, and with the display intact.

The store executive might also run a diagnostic test to ensure that everything is working fine on the inside.

So, if the phone you are returning doesn’t full fill the above-mentioned criteria, the value with be deducted accordingly.

Will the discount be on MRP value or invoice value?

Most publications report that the discount will be on Invoice Value, and not on MRP. That is to say, the 18 percent GST that you pay on your phone will be eliminated and the 70 percent discount will be applicable on the original value before taxes.

Jio T&C page, however, states that the discount will be on the MRP value or the total cost you pay.

You will not get cash in return

When you return the phone you will get the cashback in the form of a voucher that you can only use to buy a new iPhone. The voucher will be valid only for 6 months.

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