How to link your Aadhaar card with your Voter ID online: Follow these simple steps

Linking of Aadhaar card with your voter ID card can be done with simple steps.

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In order to establish the identity of voters, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has started a drive to link Aadhaar with voter IDs. The step authenticates citizens with their Aadhaar details linking the electoral photo identity card (EPIC) number.

The ECI has brought a new – Form 6B – that facilitates the process for linking Aadhaar numbers with electoral roll data. It is required to be done by individuals holding both Aadhaar and voter ID cards through National Voters’ Service Portal (NSVP). Also, ECI has made Aadhaar details compulsory to furnish for the application for new voter ID cards.

Nevertheless, if you have both Aadhaar and EPIC details with you and want to link them, here’s the complete guide for you. But before moving ahead, it is important to link a mobile number with your Aadhaar card. How to Link Your Aadhaar With Your Mobile Number From Home.

1. Visit National Voters’ Service portal or go to the website

2. Click on the Login button to proceed and fill in the credentials. First-time users should first register themselves by clicking on the Register button, providing all the details such as your registered mobile number and email ID, and the captcha code to register.

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3. At the top right corner, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Dashboard option and tap on the ‘My Profile’ option.

4. Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

5. Provide all the details including your name, email ID, EPIC number (Voter ID), enter the captcha, and hit the ‘Send OTP’ button to generate OTP.

6. Validate the OTP received to your registered mobile number.

7. Again, go to Home and tap on the ‘Forms’ option.

8. Click on Form 6B which says “Letter of Information of Aadhaar number for the purpose of electoral roll authentication”.

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9. Form 6B will open asking for details including mobile number and email ID

10. Check the option “I have Aadhaar Number” and provide your Aadhaar number in the next column. Also, fill a place, captcha, and hit ‘Preview’.

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11. Cross-check the details and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

12. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number and email address.

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