How to delete old Facebook posts in bulk using Manage Activity

We all have old Facebook posts that we would like to get rid of. If only, there was an easy way to find and delete all those in bulk. Well, Facebook has listened to your woes. Today, the social media giant introduced a new feature called Manage Activity which lets you dispose of or archive those awkward activities of your past.

So, now you can have better control over your digital trail. And here’s how it works –

How to use Facebook Manage Activity to mass delete posts

The Manage Activity feature is currently accessible via the official Facebook app. And mind you, it doesn’t work with Facebook Lite and the website, well, not at the moment. That said, it should make the way to both these interfaces pretty soon.

So supposing you have the app installed on your phone, let’s get on with the process:

1. Open your Facebook profile page and tap on the 3-dot icon, right next to the “Add to Story button.

2. In the subsequent menu, select Activity Log.

3. Next up, click on the Manage Activity option hovering atop and then tap on Your posts.

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4. Tap on Filters.

5. Here, you can sort posts by Categories, Date frame, and People.

6. Once you pick the criteria, the posts from your past will be displayed. All you gotta do is to tick the ones you want and press on either Trash (for deletion) or Archive.

That’s all y’all!

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Note: Post your action, Archived posts can be seen within the Archive tab of the Activity Log. As for deleted posts, you can still access them for up to 30 days before it gets permanently erased from your account. Furthermore, you can also move the posts between Archive and Recycle Bin, in case you want to change your decision.

So, how’s the new feature? Try it, if you haven’t yet and let us know down in the comments if you come across any trouble.


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