Facebook News is nothing but a dedicated tab in the official Facebook app, wherein news you care about gets populated. It was initially launched in the US back in June and now the company is planning to expand the feature to more countries. The newly “considered” destinations include India, UK, Germany, France, and Brazil. But the company might take anywhere between six months to a year to bring this to fruition.

The new feature lets you fine-tune the articles from select publications, and topics while hiding the ones you don’t want. Plus, the algorithm shows you the news it thinks you might like based on your previous activity and preferences.

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The social media titan is working with established publications to procure trending news stories, both locally and globally. The publishers must have a large audience pool and have to pass Facebook’s integrity standards. Besides that, the company highlights the use of credible 3rd party fact-checkers to sieve any kind of baseless, false, nefarious, sensationalist, and clickbaity content. They are assigned to filter plagiarized material.

“We’ll work closely with news partners in each country to tailor the experience and test ways to deliver a valuable experience for people while also honoring publishers’ business models,” commented Campell Brown, Facebook VP, Global News Partnership.

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“Over 95 percent of the traffic Facebook News delivers to publishers is incremental to the traffic they already get from News Feed,” added Mr. Brown.

But, it’s important to note that Facebook hasn’t divulged an exact date on when News will begin rolling out to the said countries. Neither, it has made clear which of these countries will be the first to receive the new feature. Hence, we look forward to more details from the company in the coming months.


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