How To Customize System Tray Clock Skin On Windows

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If you are a Windows user, you have seen the system tray clock on the extreme right of the taskbar far too many times and it is boring hands down. With an influx of features from Microsoft and the add-ons coming from popular and even lesser-known developers, Windows OS has received abundant skins for the system tray clock that you can use to spice up your experience. Of course, you can stay put on the regular clock style or use this guide to introduce a personalized element into your regular PC experience. Let’s get to it.’

Free Desktop Clock

It is a free application available on Windows PCs allowing users to choose between 9 skins for System Tray Clock. It shows various clock mods with the current date and time mentioned in different font types and styles and with different layouts altogether. It is free to use, offers clocks in both 12-hours and 24-hours format, with and without transparent background and some of the clocks have seconds display as well. It is a great app if you want to test out different system tray clocks on Windows PCs so let’s see how you can actually achieve it.

Part 1: Install Free Desktop Clock

This is the beginning where you need to download the Free Desktop Clock app from its website right here. Since it is an executable file, it should start with the setup wizard right after you clock on the downloaded file and install it.

Part 2: Select System Tray Clock Skin

The next step is to select and enable a new system tray color skin. Follow the instructions mentioned below.

Free Desktop Clock

Step 01: Launch the app on your Windows PC and go to “Skins” on the navigational panel on the left side.
Step 02: Next up, check “Enable tray clock” and this will enable the selection of the skin. Select the skin that you want to display on your PC.
Step 03: You can check the items such as “Show Data”, “Show Seconds”, “Use 12-hour format”, and “Show day of the week” and the selected skin will alter itself accordingly.
Step 04: If you want to change the color of the skin, select the dropdown called “Default Background” and it should give you a series of options.
Step 05: Tap on “Color” and you should get a color picker to choose the right color from.
Step 06: Tap on “Transparent” and you can customize the system tray clock skin with personalized transparency.
Step 07: Checkmark on “Show border” and you will get a border option too.

That’s how you can set a system tray color skin on your Windows PC after customizing various settings mentioned on the application.

Part 3: Add Different Time Zone Clocks

Let’s say you want to add different time zone clocks on your PC. So, exactly how could you do it? Well, the Free Desktop Clock has functionality for it as well.

Free Desktop Clock
Step 01: Launch the application first.
Step 02: Go to “Time Zones” from the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
Step 03: Set up two clocks carrying information on different time zones and dates.
Step 04: Once you have entered the details required, click on “Show this clock” and the app will show the set clock.
Step 05: You can change it repeatedly as per your will simply by unticking the current one and ticking the second one instead.

Free Desktop Clock is a free-to-use app with limited functionalities. On the other hand, Atomic Alarm Clock is an advanced software available at $14.95 that offers you access to dozens of system tray clock skins, alarms to choose from for specific times, and so on.

Atomic Alarm Clock

Talking about eligibility, the Free Desktop Clock is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8 that you can download here. The advanced Atomic Alarm Clock is compatible with the same four Windows versions as well but is available in a free trial as well as a paid version. You can download it here.

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