Are you a Game Of Throne fan? Then you must be knowing that ‘winter is finally here’. Popular HBO drama-fantasy-action series has been ruling the roost for the past seven years on television. Being a fan, I presume you too must be aware that the GOT Season 7 is currently underway in the US.

Although Star World India telecasts GOT new episodes straight after US telecast, there are brutally censored to meet government guidelines in India. Therefore, for true GOT fans following are the best options to watch Game Of Throne In India:

Simple Method

Hotstar Premium

Game of Thrones online streaming right lies with Hotstar in India. So, the best way to watch Mother of Dragons quest to win seven kingdoms would be a premium Hotstar subscription; And it’s free for the first one month. Hotstar charges a nominal Rs. 200 per month for its premium subscription post the first month.

Complex Method

 HBO Go using VPN

HBO – the official producer and broadcaster of GOT, offers a service called HBO Go in the United States where it showcases all its shows as soon as they go live on television. However, the HBO GO service is not available in India. Therefore, to view programs on HBO Go India will have to use virtual private network (VPN) and route its connection through the US based server to gain full access. Now you can sign-up on the HBO Go web/app for trial using Google Wallet and enjoy Game of Thrones till the free trial lasts.

If you have a paid version of VPN that will be awesome but if in case, you haven’t subscribed to one, you can always try free options such as Tunnelbear and Hola. 



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