Google has added a new “Android Taste Test” tool that helps suggest Icon packs, Wallpapers, launchers and its own keyboard – Gboard to Android users by asking them simple questions.


These questions, that are used to judge your taste, require you to choose between two or more set of images or options. For instance, weather you prefer ‘Vibrant’ against ‘Muted’ colors or whether you like ‘Random’ or ‘Pattern’ arrangement of items on your home-screen. Google also considers your conversance with Android ecosystems, the way you use your phone, and what kind of content you would rather consume right off your home-screen before it goes about recommending stuff.

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You can move back and forth while making these choices and when you are done Google will showcase a few looks that you could opt for, detailing the launchers, wallpapers (and where you could get them from), icon packs and widgets best suited to your taste.5

Of course, the test isn’t perfect as your choices may vary every particular day, but hey if you aren’t into things like launchers and icon packs, and wish to remodel your phone’s theme, this looks like a good place to start.

Personally, the suggested wallpapers don’t work for me.


But enough with the words, you can surely spare a couple minutes and try the Android Taste Test for yourself on the official Android Page.


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