Google Upgrades Bard With Gemini Pro And Text-To-Image Generation

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In December, Google launched its advanced large language processing model called Gemini Pro. The LLM now powers the popular chatbot Bard. Going forward, users in over 230 countries and those who speak over 40 languages will be able to get their queries solved from the more powerful Gemini Pro model.

Bard Gets Gemini Pro, Double-Check Feature Now Available In More Languages

Google Gemini Pro

Along with Gemini Pro, the Alphabet-owned company Google is expanding the double-check feature beyond Bard in English. In the official blog post, Google mentions that the Large Model Systems Organizations, a leading evaluator of language models and chatbots across languages, has determined that “Bard with Gemini Pro is one of the most preferred chatbots available (with or without cost).

Bard Can Now Generate Images Based On Text Prompts

The chatbot also gets a free text-to-image generator powered by Imagen 2, which balances quality and speed, delivering “photorealistic outputs.” This tool will be available in English in most countries where the chatbot is available. It will generate images based on the textual prompts provided by users. All users need to do is type in a visual description of the image they wish to generate. Then, Bard will create a few iterations.

To ensure that there’s a difference between visuals created with Bard and original human artwork, Bard relies on SynthID to embed digitally recognizable watermarks into the images’ pixels. Further, Google recommends that users start their prompt with words like draw, generate, or create so the chatbot knows what they are asking. Further, users should mention a clear visual description of the image and the required style.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Images Created By Bard

Here Are A Few Examples Of Images Created By Bard

We tested Bard’s image generation ability, and it appears to work fine every single time. In the first attempt, we tried to create the image of a smartphone on a table with a watch beside it. Commands with two subjects often confuse the AI models, but Bard got it right.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Images Created By Bard

The second time, we instructed the AI model to create an image that shows a group of dogs resting on blankets in their dog house. We added a third subject by including a staircase in the text prompt. However, based on the prompt, Bard generated a decent, rather good-looking image.

Google Confirms Bard Advanced

In a related development, Sundar Pichai announced the subscription plans for the upcoming advanced chatbot, Bard Advanced, during the fourth-quarter earnings call. Bard Advanced relies on the most powerful AI model created by Google, Gemini Ultra. It can handle tasks in modalities like text, images, audio, video, etc. Although the pricing for this model isn’t known, speculations suggest that it could be priced similarly to OpenAI ChatGPT Plus.

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