Google Pixel phones registered a whopping 52% year-on-year growth in sales and surpassed OnePlus in terms of volume sold. Yes, it’s surprising to read the tweet from an IDC official that claims ‘Best Performance Ever’ in 2019 by Google Pixel.

According to IDC, Google shipped 7.2 million units which is the highest it has ever sold. A lot of this success must be riding on the Pixel 3a and 3a XL that passed on the famed Pixel camera at an affordable price and received rave reviews from the community.

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Jeronimo further added that Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 have not done well in the first two quarters of 2019. However, this period was the second quarter of sales for Pixel 3. Being a weaker launch figure, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 still managed to add points to the final numbers. Google’s reach was also enhanced because the company introduced Pixel to three new markets.

The IDC official further states that Pixel devices did fairly well in the US, Western Europe, and the Japanese market. However, Google still has to go a long way to make its place in the top 10 lists after outranking OnePlus.

When we go deeper to find out the reason behind the amazing reports, we found out that Google Pixel 3 has done its bit. Priced for $399, the mid-range phone has collected positive lauds from the consumers. 

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Google Pixel 3

We can’t help but wonder how much better those sales figures could be if only Google managed a way to tap into India, the second largest Smartphone market. Google still doesn’t have a proper after-sales support network in the country and due to heavy import duties, its phones are exorbitantly priced in the country.

The rumors related to Google Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A XL have been doing rounds and possibly in the not too distant future.


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