Google Pixel 4a is right around the block and possibly in the not too distant future, we will witness the Pixel 5. Details of both phones have leaked, more so in the case of 4a. But, what makes them interesting is their alleged pricing. If the supposed $349 price tag of the budget Pixel has already made headlines, we now have a number on the Pixel 5’s sticker.

In a recent Google Opinions Reward survey, the company asks which of Pixel smartphones would the user prefer, while listing both features and price of the two unnamed handsets.

Source: Reddit user Pop-Quiz_Kid

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So, from the survey, we get the hint that one of them is a budget Pixel phone priced at $349 (~Rs. 26,418) while the higher variant starts at $649 (~Rs. 49127). The budget Pixel will be floated as a “radically helpful phone from Google” and have a durable plastic body as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. Meanwhile, the biggie is called as the “best flagship Google phone.” Value-wise, it vaunts first access to the latest Google features and innovation, best-in-class camera, wireless charging and water resistance.

Mm…hmm… all that sounds cool and Google is known for spilling such hints prior to big launch and announcements. But, there are a few things that the company must do right to pull buyers.

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It should let go of unsolicited gimmicks and stick to the essentials, *cough* good battery life *cough*. We have already heard rumors that Google won’t be shipping Soli and motion sense stuff with Pixel 5. Although key figures from the Pixel team have left recently, we are pretty much confident about the Pixel cameras. Google can do better with the versatility of the optic arrangement and overall photography performance. Lastly, if they launch close to the aforementioned prices, then they could give tough competition to other players in the market.

Rest, fingers crossed, let’s see how it all pans out. Pixel 4a is expected to launch on June 3 at the Android 11 unveiling event.


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