Google Pixel’s Latest Ad Mocks iPhone Live Translation Abilities

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In a playful twist to the ongoing rivalry between Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone, the Pixel 7 Pro has launched a new ad taking aim at the iPhone 14 Pro. The ad, part of Google’s “#BestPhonesForever” campaign, humorously revives the age-old “football vs. soccer” debate.

The 1-minute ad features the Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro engaged in a lighthearted conversation. The iPhone begins with a philosophical remark, highlighting the shared experiences that bring people together. However, the Pixel swiftly transitions the conversation to its standout feature – Live Translate, which offers real-time translation in more than 20 languages.

Key to this feature is the Pixel’s utilization of AI and Google’s custom Tensor chipset, designed to deliver powerful performance. Live Translate showcases Pixel’s commitment to innovation and practicality.

The ad’s highlight arrives when the debate shifts to the age-old disagreement between calling the sport “football” or “soccer.” The Pixel challenges the iPhone, playfully asking about the language everyone comprehends. The iPhone’s response? “Soccer.”

A playful argument ensues, as Pixel endeavors to illustrate its translation capabilities, converting the word “football” into various languages. The iPhone, sticking to its guns, maintains the term “soccer.” The ad effectively showcases the playful banter between the two devices, capitalizing on their distinct features while giving a nod to the timeless debate.

The ad ultimately delivers a fun and engaging narrative, uniting the two rivals on the football field, or rather, the soccer pitch. As the Pixel and iPhone engage in friendly banter, the ad highlights the unique strengths of each device while playfully acknowledging the cultural differences that define our preferences.

Google’s “#BestPhonesForever” campaign continues to entertain and engage audiences with its witty take on the competition between the Pixel and iPhone. The ad underscores the Pixel’s Live Translate feature and the power of AI, all while maintaining a humorous tone that resonates with consumers.

Aryan VyasAryan Vyas
Aryan is the youngest tech enthusiast at Smartprix, with a deep passion for technology, automobiles, cricket, and Bollywood. He is a meticulous researcher and writer who write on a wide range of tech topics, including smartphones, laptops, wearables, and smart home device.

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