Google Pixel Watch 2 might go official in 2023: Here’s all that we know about the wearable

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After years of leaks and rumors, Google’s first wearable, Google Pixel Watch saw the light of day in October 2022. The watch came with some unique features that were a hit like a Fitbit integration and a very minimalist design, while it did fall short in some departments like battery life and display sizes. Now, a few months later we have heard that Google is already working hard to make the successor to the Pixel Watch better. Let us have a look at when the Google Pixel Watch 2 might launch and what all it might come with.

Is Google Pixel Watch 2 confirmed?

When Google launched its 1st Pixel Watch, everyone accepted it with open arms even with its flaws because we thought it was a decent first attempt and that Google was just getting started in this arena. Though limited, but there is an unlimited possibility of Google Pixel Watch 2 arriving in the future. Due to the Wear OS and Google-centric user experience, Pixel Watch has been loved by many and is a popular device in quite a few markets. So, the Pixel Watch 2 is almost confirmed to arrive with better specs and features to expand the wearable market for Google further.

Google Pixel Watch 2: Expected launch date

Most of the popular smartwatch lineups come with a new generation annually. Whether it is Apple Watches or Galaxy Watches, new series are launched annually that allow the brands time to improve and bring the latest features to their smartwatches.

Since Pixel Watch launched in October 2022, Google might follow the same pattern and come up with the Google Pixel Watch 2 in October 2023. Since the watch debuted with Pixel 7 series, chances are high that the Pixel Watch 2 might come with Pixel 8 series in Fall 2023. However the first sneak peek at the Pixel 8 Series as well as the Pixel Watch 2 might be given during the Google I/O 2023 scheduled to be held tonight (10 may 2023).

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Google Pixel Watch 2: Expected Features


Google Pixel Watch’s aesthetic and minimalistic design was one of the highlights loved by many, so there are very few chances that the overall design will see a change. Pixel Watch 2 might bring a domed display with thinner bezels, rotating digital crowns, and unobtrusive band mechanisms. The durability is expected to get better and it will still run Wear OS. With a clean Google Forward experience, customizable tiles, integrated Fitbit apps, and extensive 3rd party app support might make a return as well. There might be a bigger 41mm model as well.

Health & Fitness Tracking

Fitbit’s tool kit and companion app are expected to continue with fitness tracking on Pixel Watch 2. The watch will track basic stats, like steps, floors, and distance as well as Active Zone Minutes, calories, heart rate, and more. The access to Fitbit’s sleep-tracking platform will continue as well. The Pixel Watch 2 will also retain sensors like built-in GPS, accelerometer, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, and Fitbit’s ECG App and SpO2 sensor. The same accurate GPS and heart rate sensor is said to come with Pixel Watch 2 as well.


Google Pixel Watch 2 will be powered by an advanced chipset to improve performance and battery life. It might be powered by Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 SoC that is based on a 4nm manufacturing process. The watch might also use adaptable Material You color theming currently available on Android 12.

Google Pixel Watch 2: Pricing Expectations

Google priced the first Pixel Watch at 349.99 dollars (Rs. 28,600 approx.) for a Bluetooth/WiFi base mode, plus 50 USD extra (Rs. 32,700 approx.) for an LTE Version. The price tag took Google Watch among some of the top wearables including Apple Watch Series 8 and Galaxy Watch 5. The pricing certainly felt a little higher considering the flaws the wearable had.

Since Google is expected to make the 2nd Pixel watch better, we still think its price will be around the same amount as Pixel Watch 1. If alternate cases are added, then prices might vary according to sizes.

Google Pixel Watch 2: What would we want to see

Improved Battery Life

Battery life is one of the biggest weaknesses of the Pixel Watch as the watch can barely last a full day on a single charger and with Fitbit integration usage, AOD usage, and more the watch has to be charged twice a day. This is a bummer for a smartwatch costing above 20k so Google definitely has to do better in terms of battery life for Pixel Watch 2. Moreover, neither is Pixel Watch compatible with Qi-certified chargers and nor can it use reverse wireless charging from a Pixel phone.  The company can increase the battery life either by increasing the battery size or upgrading the processor, but doing this will be a must if they want to attract more consumers.

2 Screen size options

With a display size of 41mm, the Pixel Watch is perfectly ok for smaller wrists, but on large wrists, it looks dainty. Only increasing the size would not solve the problem as then smaller wrist people would be disappointed. So, Google should do what Apple and Samsung practice. Let customers decide which size works best for them by coming up with at least 2 display size options for Pixel Watch 2.

Doing away with the Bezels

Circular smartwatches look nice if they don’t have heavy bezels all around. The black ring around the OLED screen does make the watch look cheaper than it actually costs. It is a premium gadget and its looks should scream the same so skinnier bezels will be better if Google wants to go toe-to-toe with competitors like Apple and Samsung.

New Color Options

The current generation of Pixel Watch comes in 3 case shades- Champagne Gold, Matte Black, and Polished Silver. Though these are good color options they are still quite basic, so some new vibrant blues or greens would surely spruce up the overall appearance.

Better strap release mechanism

The band mechanism on the Pixel watch is tricker than other smartwatches. You will get a hang of it but it will take some time. Google claims it mimics how a camera lens snaps into place which might sound nice but in reality can prove to be a hassle.

Removing the strap includes pushing down on the release button which is located to the right of the strap. Press the strap down and slide it to the right until it covers the button. Putting a strap back on is even more difficult as one has to align the strap’s edge with a release button and then press down and slide left till you hear a click.

This might be too much for some, so Google should definitely come up with an easier solution to put the strap on and off.

Latest Chipset

Google has collaborated with Samsung and thus Pixel Watch 2 is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset with a low-power Cortex M33 co-processor tacked on for low-power watch face updates and 24/7 stat tracking. This means Pixel Watch is using a 4-year-old technology which means updating the chipset is almost a necessity for Google this time.

iPhone Compatibility

Pixel watches work best with Pixel phones but they also work seamlessly with any smartphone running Android 8.0 or above. It is good if you are an Android user, but those with an iPhone are not as lucky. Google Pixel Watch doesn’t go with Apple’s ecosystem. Considering how an Android brand like Samsung provides iPhone compatibility with its watch series, Google too should look into the matter.

Better Health & Fitness tracking features

Although integration with Fitbit does give a strong character to the Pixel Watch, wearables of this range come with even better health and fitness tracking features. Advanced tools like continuous SpO2 monitoring, finely detailed workout data, or the blood oxygen sensor that was seen disabled on the first Pixel Watch. There is not even an automatic workout detection on the wrist, so Google will need to up its game if it has to compete with brands like Garmin, Samsung, and Apple.

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